‘MacGyver,’ Season Four Thoughts: An Unusual New Adventure


Re-booted from the show of the 80s and same name, CBS’ MacGyver, season four gets things off to a different start, and remains on this darker path throughout its shortened season.

MacGyver, Season Four CBS TV Review

We pick up 18 months later and quickly learn nothing is the same. The Phoenix doesn’t exist which means everyone goes their own way. But when a wealthy businessman approaches Mac (Lucas Till) with a world-ending problem, it’s time to reunite the gang.

Bozer (Justin Hires) is reluctant in the waked of his successful movie; Riley (Tristin Mays) is more than a little happy to give up her boring job; and then we come to Desi (Levy Tran), who hasn’t quote forgiven Mac for those 18 months, during which they dated (!!). This sounds fun, right?

The gang is all back in this shorter, mid-season hold of MacGyver, season four. In these installments we laser focus in on one organization who has close ties to Mac. In some ways this dependent season works (because it is so short) and in others it feels like a fail. Reason being, I believe a show is at its strongest when it sticks to its story- by-story case load. This is when shows operate at their best. Otherwise the plot becomes “too complicated” in a multi-dimensional way, and more important, the shows loses the format that first pulls us in. Specific to this show, it loses the light-hearted “fun” of the story.

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Beyond these petty dislikes, this fourth year is still a good time because of the characters. I still like this gang, no matter the division that creeps up between them in these 13 episodes. Bozer is still his usual cannot-help-but-like self (minus how he feels about Mac for a short time); Desi has a lot more “story” to tell; Riley shifts her feelings where she never has before (what do we think of this?); and we take a deep dive into the titular character. It’s interesting to see Mac go through all he does because we question him – is he really doing the right thing or is he turning? It makes us leery, a feeling no one likes when it comes to heroes! macgyver season four

Whether or not this season is a favorite of mine, one thing is for sure, I did enjoy seeing these characters back on TV. They’re all unique personalities and of course they’re best when working together. If there is one thing I don’t like it’s the times when there is division in who to support, especially given how well they know the character they choose to “turn” on. No matter what, the season ends well (oh! And the double-date episode is one of my favorites), and I’m certainly excited to see what comes next.


‘MacGyver,’ Season Four. Sharing thoughts and opinions on the fourth season of this CBS re-boot. Text © Rissi JC
‘MacGyver,’ Season Four. Sharing thoughts and opinions on the fourth season of this CBS re-boot. #MacGyver #TVShow #WhattoWatch #FindingWonderlandBlog Click To Tweet

Content: There is some violence, but nothing graphic. Much conversation revolves around killing off a portion of the population for the “greater good.” Sexual innuendo is part of the dialogue as is some commonplace profanity. The show is TV-14

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