In My Netflix Queue: New Comedy, Romance and More!


It’s been a bit since last I shared an ‘Netflix Queue’ post. (OK, so it was March which isn’t that long ago, but we’ll still call it.) Because of this, it’s time to share some of my current favorites, want-to-watch or “queue” picks in this ‘In my Netflix Queue Edition three” publication.

LIST | A Fun and Happy Summer-time Netflix Watch-list

There may be one (or two) titles I add on here from the last list simply because I still actively am or wantto watch said title. With all of this said, let’s take a little look-see at some of the things I am spending (or is it wasting?) parts of my day watching.

In My Netflix Queue, Edition Three

1: The Baby-Sitter’s Club (2020)

About: Follows five besties who start a “baby-sitter’s club” business full of fun!

In My Netflix Queue, Edition three: New Comedy, Romance & More! Sharing the current Netflix shows (and movies!) I am, have or WANT to watch. Text © Rissi JC

I haven’t watched this yet (with exception to one episode) because, well, I don’t know why. But it is “in my queue,” and looks like such a cute little story. I don’t attach nostalgia to it because I haven’t read the books or anything, but still, who can resist such a cute premise? TV-PG

2: Good News

About: A timid news producer lives in her worst nightmare when her busybody mother ends up getting an internship at her news station.

Just finished watched this 2-season TV show. It’s cute and silly, but nothing special. Still, if you’re looking for something easy to binge, I did enjoy it, and the side romance doesn’t hurt anything. TV-14 for sexual content and profanity

3: Good Witch

About: A small town business owner is able to help people with their complicated problems.

netflix queue, edition three

I watched the first, second…? I don’t really know how many seasons of this Hallmark show, and like it. Originally it was a series of films before becoming a series. Now I just have to figure out if I need to pick it up on season two or three. TV-PG

4: Feel the Beat

About: A small town Wisconsin girl returns home after failing a shiny Broadway audition in New York.

I cannot express my love for this film. It’s simple, trope-y and just… lovely. I adore the feel-good beats and the heartbeat of the story is pure, which I love. Yes this is a film, but I simple had to give it a shout-out. TV-PG

5: Fuller House

About: A family of two sisters, their best friend, and kids, all of whom live together in the aftermath of sister, DJ’s husband’s death.

I had this one on the list a while ago, and still want to finish it but haven’t. Someday I’ll jump back on the watch party, but for now, way too many “in progress” shows sit on the streaming dashboards. This is a pretty clean show (what I’ve seen), but there is the odd innuendo here and there.

6: New Girl

About: An eccentric teacher who moves in with three guys in need of a new roommate.

Oh, look! Another show that I’ve already mentioned in one of the prior ‘Netflix queue’ publications. What can I say? Nope, I still haven’t finished this one. I stopped on season two to try and wrap something else I was watching (or was it finish a project I had due?) and haven’t gone back into its cute roomie scenario. There’s sexual content, profanity and other adult themes in this TV-14 half-hour show.

7: Never Have I Ever

About: After losing her father, a girl who had a rough Freshman year in high school decides she’s going to make the best of her sophomore year.

This made the Instagram rounds as a kind of “must see” gush. Executive produced by Mindy Kaling, I don’t think it’s the “next best thing,” but I did thoroughly enjoy the first two episodes I watched. With 30-minute installments, it’s easy to watch them back-to-back. Though the story is nothing like it, the show feels like a mixture of Pushing Daisies (less quirk) and New Girl (a bit quirkier?). TV-14 for adult content like talk of sex, innuendo, profanity (crude slang) and other thematic elements, most of which involves teenagers.

8: Sweet Magnolias

About: A trio of lifelong friends decide to open a business together in the aftermath of one woman’s divorce.

This show…! It’s so good. Love the friendships, the cast and the stories. I still have the final episode to watch yet (putting it off because there’s a cliffhanger, and I haven’t heard we get a season two – yet!), but this will remind you of cozy shows like Virgin River or CW’s Hart of Dixie. The show is TV-14 for sexual content (not every episode) that is never graphic, adult themes/conversations and some profanity.

What about you? What are you watching on Netflix – or what do you want to watch? Recommend all the things down in the comment section below. I want to hear all of your thoughts. Thanks for reading this “Netflix Queue, edition three” list!


In My Netflix Queue, Edition three: New Comedy, Romance & More! Sharing the current Netflix shows (and movies!) I am, have or WANT to watch. Text © Rissi JC
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  1. The Baby-Sitters Club has been absolutely adorable! They’ve updated it a bit. The episodes are really short, so it makes binging easy!

  2. I watched another episode last night and though I know nothing of the original, Netflix’s is cute. Plus, yes, those 20 minutes make it *so* easy to say, “just one more.” ;)

  3. A lot of these I really want to watch! I definitely want to watch The Baby-Sitters Club because I did love those books as a kid. I also really want to watch Good Witch, Feel The Beat and Never Have I Ever.

    1. All you mention are SO fun. I love “Feel the Beat” for the purpose of being just as it sounds, a feel-good film and the shows are also all good, each in their own way. :) Let me know what you see and enjoy, Lindsey.

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