‘Military Wives’: A Slow But Charming Dramedy


Sometimes when a film enters the cinematic world with little fanfare, it takes some time for me to circle back and make the time. This is true of Military Wives, a title I did know about, but hadn’t seen because of the “in home” pricing. When it showed up on one of my streaming services, I pressed play, and anticipated something good.

Military Wives (2019) Film Review

Life for the wives of military spouses at the garrison is hard. With each new assignment in places like Afghanistan, the wives must say goodbye, and pray that their loved ones return; and each woman copes differently. Kate (Kristin Scott Thomas) is married to a man with important rank, and so she takes obligation very seriously. She’s the one military wives look to, and so, with this, she takes it upon herself to try and ease them through each deployment. Lisa (Sharon Horgan) is very different. She pretends she isn’t even married, hopeful this will help her cope without a husband whom she loves deeply; all while raising a troubled teenage daughter. Among the group is also a nervous newlywed, Sarah and the quiet, Jess.

As these women adjust to a different normal, even for a short while, Kate decides it’s time to find something they can do to help keep their minds busy and time occupied. Despite some trial and error, disagreements and despair, they eventually wind up with something that just may make more of a difference than any one of them would imagine.

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Most of the time when I’m looking for something to enjoy (when it’s not new period drama season!), I opt for a straight up comedy or a romantic-comedy. But now and again, things like Military Wives seem the better option, and in the case of this, the film doesn’t disappoint. For me, this isn’t the kind of movie I’ll re-watch time and again, but it’s lovely and charming, and despite the moments of quiet and sad, it’s still a really good film.

The billed cast is wonderful, and features an award winner, along with the familiar face of period drama star, Greg Wise. Everyone else is equally as wonderful if not as familiar. The characters too are likable, all people we don’t want to see hurt. Whether it’s an enthusiastic member who cannot sing a single note, or the more timid wife who has the voice of an angel, all of these characters work their way into your heart. There’s also some lovely music to hear, which is a fun bonus.

Filled with heartwarming moments, this is an underrated gem of a story. If you like dramedy stories that introduce good characters and feature good acting to bring them to light, Military Wives is an excellent feature. Plus, it’s also inspired by a true story, which makes the sincerity of the script all the more genuine.


‘Military Wives’: A Slow But Charming Dramedy. Review of the 2019 film with Kristin Scott Thomas and Greg Wise. Text © Rissi JC

Content: There’s some profanity, including some British slang. A few instances of innuendo, and a non-descript same-sex relationship. The film is PG-13.

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