‘The Bachelor’ is One of the Underrated Romance Gems


Sometimes movies form the 90s are a little too outdated for me to really enjoy. But then there are those that have so much charisma, I don’t seem to care. The underrated The Bachelor has this and then some, perhaps because its cast is quite likable.

The Bachelor (1999) Film Review

When it comes to dating, Jimmie Shannon (Chris O’Donnell) is a wreck to say the least. He dates all kinds of women, but none last. Then, quite by happenstance, Jimmie meets Annie Arden (Renee Zellweger). Annie is unlike anyone he’s ever met, and before he knows what’s happened, a year passes, and the two are still quite in love. Then trouble comes when everyone begins to tell Jimmie that in this stage of the relationship, his girl will expect a ring. So… with reluctance and no proposal know-how, Jimmie offers what he thinks is one, only to have an angry Annie storm out of the restaurant.

The two spend some time apart and then, Jimmie’s grandfather passes away and leaves his grandson the family company and all of the wealth that comes with it. But there’s one tiny catch. Jimmie must be happily married, and remain so, by his thirtieth birthday or he gets nothing. Needless to say, this bachelor will need to re-think his methods.

‘THE BACHELOR’ is One of the Underrated Romance Gems. A review of the 1999 rom com with Chris O'Donnell (NCIS: LA). #Romance #Comedy #RomCom #Movies #FavoriteMovies Click To Tweet

This is one of those movies, and I feel like I have quite a few, that I don’t watch all that often, but each time I do, it instantly puts a smile on my face. Everything about this is severely outdated from the technology to the fashion (!!), but there’s something so unabashedly charming about the script (which is inspired by a play) that I cannot find it in myself to be critical.

The plot has all sorts of darling shenanigans and features a hero who spends an entire day trying to find the ideal bride. This leads to plenty of comedic moments, and while the whole brides-gathering-and-chasing Jimmie may be slightly out there, it’s still a fun film. Plus, I cannot lie and say that it’s not great to see one of my favorite actors Chris O’Donnell in this type of role after seeing him play G. Callen for years in CBS’ NCIS: LA.

If you’re fond of titles like While You Were Sleeping or other similar 90s era romantic comedies, you’ll enjoy The Bachelor. It’s one of those cozy films that I have put on many a list around here, but not put a review spotlight on. Romantic and sweet, it deserves this.


‘THE BACHELOR’ is One of the Underrated Romance Gems. A review of the 1999 rom com with Chris O'Donnell (NCIS: LA). Text © Rissi JC

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Content: There’s profanity (possibly two f-words, sh*t, etc.), crude content and some sexual references, but as PG-13 films go, this one is relatively clean.


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