5 of the Best things in ‘Elementary’: “Their Last Bow”


When favorite TV shows come to an end, it can be kind of sad. Not in a soul-crushing kind of way, but in the way of a fangirl watching the chapter of a story close – for good. Such is the case with the CBS drama, Elementary, a TV show that took “Their Final Bow” back in 2019. Since I’ve finally completed the entire series, I’m sharing 5 of the best things in Elementary.

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In case you don’t know, here’s a quick overview of what the series is about. The show, not unlike the classic novels by Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle, follows the brilliant Sherlock Holmes (played here by Jonny Lee Miller). Set in contemporary New York (versus Victorian England), here the consulting detective struggles with addiction. Planning to ensure he stays sober, his wealthy and intimidating father hires the former doctor-turned-sobriety-companion Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), thus setting into motion a future none of them anticipate…

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite things about Elementary.

5 of the Best things in ‘Elementary’: “Their Last Bow”

Some spoilers will follow; just be aware

1: Cast

5 of the Best things in ‘Elementary’: “Their Last Bow.” Talking about the final season of the CBS drama with Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller. Text © Rissi JC

From the beginning (because really we have to go back to the beginning), I have liked this cast. Lucy Liu is the right combination of characteristics to be a convincing Dr. Watson, and Miller is, as always, fabulous as Holmes. Some of us might know him from period dramas like the 90s Mansfield Park or the more recent BBC adaptation of Austen’s Emma as the complex Mr. Knightley. The supporting cast is good too, and I appreciate how well we get to some of them, and it’s fun to see where one charter in particular ends up.

2: Change (and the Same Again)

I’m not always the biggest fan of drastic change on a show, but here, I quite like it. I loved seeing Watson and Holmes at 221 Baker Street, albeit for a very short period of time, still, it’s a nice way to pay homage to the place we best know Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective.

5 of the Best things in ‘Elementary’: “Their Last Bow.” Talking about the final season of the CBS drama with Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller. #TVShows #SherlockHolmes #WhattoWatch Click To Tweet

3: Literature Throwbacks

This final (seventh) season features plenty of throwbacks to the entire Reichenbach Falls story. This isn’t so much in the actuality of the name as it is a kind of tongue and cheek throwback. From the name of the “big evil” character (played by familiar period drama actor James Frain) to the way the thing ultimately concludes, this is a prevalent thread. It’s also cute to see Watson become an author, which isn’t something this variation of the story previously touches on.

No, we’re much better than that. We’re two people who love each other. We always have been. – Elementary, from season six

4: Love

5 of the Best things in ‘Elementary’: “Their Last Bow.” Talking about the final season of the CBS drama with Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller. Text © Rissi JC

This show doesn’t fall into the normal trappings of most shows (not that I’d complain if it had), but instead develops a kind of abiding, genuine love between two people who connect on levels most shows don’t dig into. The series kind of leaves things open-ended in a way that works; the love is there either way, whether you want it to be more or to be as we know it. Either scenario can be yours, whichever you pick. 5 of the best things in elementary

5: Taking a Final Bow

The final episode, though bittersweet, is very well done. In some ways it feels rushed (more because we dread its end) and in others, it’s a very full, complete way to end. The characters are in good places, and despite a twist we don’t see coming, it makes sense given there needs to be a reason to for (an unemotional) someone to realize it’s ok to stay.

It’s beautiful and sweet, funny and good, and best of all, the characters get to keep on doing what they do best; doing what we know they do best, and that’s joy.

One of the Things I Don’t Like about ‘Elementary’: “Their Last Bow”

In the final season, albeit very late in it, we learn from his own admission (but don’t see) that Sherlock has relapsed. This makes me sad because he’s already gone through this, and I love to see him fight the easy choice over being numb. I do understand that his entire support system is gone, but still… the emotional impact isn’t needed given what else goes in in “Their Last Bow.” 5 of the best things in elementary

These are some of the best things about Elementary (the final season, and as a whole) that I love best. What are some of yours? Have you seen it? Did you like or dislike the finale? Comment all those thoughts down below!


5 of the Best things in ‘Elementary’: “Their Last Bow.” Talking about the final season of the CBS drama with Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller. Text © Rissi JC

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Content: this is a TV-14 rated show and as a result, there is adult content like sexual content (conversations, innuendo, sexual experiments, implications of sleeping around throughout the entire run) along with profanity; and thematic elements (death, health diagnoses, drug abuse, etc.).

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