‘Brokenwood Mysteries’ Feature: On Why It’s a Good Watch


It’s a truth acknowledged here on Finding Wonderland that I quite enjoy Acorn productions. Many are quality, impressive television productions that improve one’s TV binging. Now among the list is the Acorn TV Brokenwood Mysteries show.

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We meet and follow, Detective Inspector Mike Shephard (Neill Rea), the new guy in Brokenwood. His arrival surprises Detective Constable Kristin Sims, and catches the normally competent investigator off guard. What no one knows is Mike is actually here to check up on their current superior. During the course of his visit, they must investigate the death of a local, and learn more about why Mike is really in Brokenwood.

‘Brokenwood Mysteries’ Feature: On Why It’s a Good Watch. A feature on the Acorn TV Brokenwood Mysteries cozy mystery series. Text © Rissi JC

Running six seasons’ long, with about four (or so) 90-minute episodes each series, Brokenwood Mysteries is one that doesn’t ever run out of story to tell. And it’s one I hope has more story yet to share. There’s a quite a lot I like about this show, but I’ll share three primary reasons why I do like it so very well.

Acorn TV Brokenwood Mysteries Feature

1: Dry, Witty Humor

The humor in this show is fabulous. I cannot tell you how many times the six seasons make me laugh. Whether this is “just” thanks to the script or in combination with the cast who plays these characters, I don’t know, but it all works together seamlessly.

2: New Zealand

Anytime a show is set somewhere that seems a little bit “exotic” makes me happy. It allows for a kind of armchair adventure, if you will, and I love that I can “experience” different places thanks to shows like this. The scenery is a bit “desolate” at times, but it’s offset by that aforementioned humor. acorn tv brokenwood mysteries

3: The Unrequited Love [aka Gina]

Everyone is great as a character, but one of the quirkiest (but still likable) is the ME, Gina. She’s brusque in her Russian heritage, but there’s also this talent she has for being hilarious, and her attachment (and pursuit) of one character is so entertaining to watch.

These are just a mere few of the reasons why this show is a good watch. The characters (which I don’t really give their proper due); fabulous sense of humor; the mysteries; the supporting characters; Mike’s mysterious multiple exes (and just his past in general; like him talking to victims), to finally his love of country music, this show sparkles with wit and quirk aplenty.

Have you seenthis Acorn TV Brokenwood Mysteries show? Did you like or dislike it? What’s your favorite overseas, cozy mystery pick? Comment all of your thoughts down below!


‘Brokenwood Mysteries’ Feature: On Why It’s a Good Watch. A feature on the Acorn TV Brokenwood Mysteries cozy mystery series. Text © Rissi JC
‘Brokenwood Mysteries’ Feature: On Why It’s a Good Watch. Talking about a mere *few* of the reasons why I love this show. #AcornTV #Mystery #Comedy #ThingstoWatch #WhattoWatch Click To Tweet

Content: there’s always the theme of murder, and some other adult themes. One or two episodes may have a suggestive scene, but never graphic. There is some innuendo.

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  1. I’m almost finished with Season 2 and am loving it for many of the same reasons I do. The Russian ME gives me the giggles.

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