‘Cross Country Christmas’: One Adventure After the Next!


Keeping true to my trend of over watching (or is it just right?) Christmas movies, the last of Hallmark’s 2020 debuts meant a surprise for me.

Cross Country Christmas (2020) Hallmark TV Film Review

Life in the big apple is where Lina (Rachael Leigh Cook) thrives. But she loves to return home, visit family and be a part of the traditions, no matter how silly. Things start out fine until her flight to Colorado has to land in OHIO, a state that is decidedly not her destination. Along the way, she reconnects with Max (Greyson Holt), one of her former high school classmates.

As both are heading home for Christmas, Lena uses her problem solving talents to find them ways to make it home in time for Christmas, all of which are quite creative.

Featuring the familiar faces of Rachael Leigh Cook, this film is made better by her presence as Lina. A character I’d wager no one can dislike. Cook always plays the bubbly, optimistic character, and it’s something she’s remarkably effective at doing. I cannot remember what or if I’ve seen Holt in much, but he’s good in this role. Everyone else sort of fades into the background just because the film focuses on the two characters, but you’ll also see Jon Cor (Love on Safari) in a minor role, too.

TV FILM REVIEW | ‘If I Only Had Christmas’: Fan Favorite Re-Makes Beloved Story
‘Cross Country Christmas’: One Adventure After the Next! A review of the 2020 Christmas original with Rachael Leigh Cook. © Rissi JC

It never ceases to surprise me when the films that seem “middle of the road” [to me] end up being yearly favorites. Cross Country Christmas is one such title. It’s fun and easy to enjoy, and while the story is similar to lots of other Christmas movies out there, the “getting there” goes a bit differently. Plus, as I already said, having Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s All That) as leading lady hurts nothing.

This one is all kinds of fun, and as such, I cannot find much to complain about. There is a section that may come across as poking fun at Christianity, but beyond this, the “adventure” of the movie is cute. Plus, bonus points, there’s no explosive “break up” target. If you’re more of a literal journey kind of Christmas movie goer, then Cross Country Christmas is ideal. It’s cute and fun, and all the good seasonal things it should be.


‘Cross Country Christmas’: One Adventure After the Next!
‘Cross Country Christmas’: One Adventure After the Next! A review of the 2020 Christmas original with Rachael Leigh Cook. #Hallmarkies #CountdowntoChristmas @HallmarkChannel Click To Tweet

Content: nothing that I would consider as bothersome with exception to one scene that may rub those who believe in the Christmas story wrong. The film is TV-G

Photos: Hallmark / Crown Media Press

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  1. Cross Country Christmas was one of my top three seasonal movies this year! Loved that they were even in my home state, Kansas, for a while…although it looked nothing like Kansas since it was probably filmed in Canada. (One of my major pet peeves that everything is filmed in Canada, but I’ll get over it…LOL.) Thank you for your reviews of the Christmas movies…they are both enjoyable and helpful.

    1. Hi, Heather. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on Cross Country Christmas. It is a super cute film, and one I feel is a kind of “twist” on the normal mishap journey trope. Appreciate your comment and to know these were helpful. Each year, I’m never quite sure if I want to bore readers with reviews or not (because I watch A LOT), and yet, once I start reviewing them, I seem to keep going. :)

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