‘Operation Christmas Drop’: A Feel Good Netflix Celebrates Giving


It’s odd when, as a Christmas movie connoisseur (something I, admittedly, just made up) you roll through an entire season without watching one of Netflix’s originals. Like, really, who am I? I made the exception on Christmas Eve, and hoped Operation Christmas Drop would be as fun as its synopsis.

Operation Christmas Drop (2020) Netflix Review

Working hard as a legislative aid is a stepping stone in the career path Erica Miller (Kat Graham) hopes to achieve. This is what has her out doing the Christmas shopping of the congresswoman for whom she works. But her next assignment isn’t so easy to accept. Her boss decides she needs Erica on the ground to support a decision to close a military base in tropical Guam.

Every year, for generations now, the base drops Christmas boxes to the surrounding villages with supplies, but the politicians see too much spending. This is where Captain Andrew Jantz (Alexander Ludwig) comes in. He’s the force that gets these packages delivered; and he’s not about to let a DC pencil pusher change anything about this mission.

‘Operation Christmas Drop’: A Feel Good Netflix Celebrates Giving. A review of the 2020 Netflix film with Kat Graham. © Rissi JC

As I write this, and thinking back to the various social media opinions scattered about, I cannot remember the general consensus. Perhaps subconsciously this is why I put some space between its release and actually watching it. All I do know is that this is one of those titles I did anticipate. I’m a softie for any kind of military story (combine it with a sweet romance, and I’m a goner) and so anytime I see this heroic branch nobly represented I am here for it.

This film is unique in that an actual tradition inspires it. There’s a certain kind of authenticity to the story because of this; and I like how joyful these characters are in giving. It’s a nice sentiment that we all should put into action anytime of year. Kat Graham will be familiar to Netflix watchers from the romantic-comedy The Holiday Calendar while Ludwig has appeared in The Hunger Games. However, if you like ‘Calendar’ for its rom-com vibes, this film it is not.

There’s no really “epic” rom-com moment in this film, which somehow still works for the story. The end is more of an I-like-you-let’s-enjoy-the-moment kind of thing. It’s fitting for the scene and the respective characters, too. Speaking of them, I like both in these roles. Ludwig is excellent with this type of character; and it’s fun to see Graham in a completely different role than The Holiday Calendar.

If you like films that celebrate the season with giving, then Operation Christmas Drop is an ideal watch. It’s cheerful, but also takes the time to show a more important aspect of the season. Add to this a soldier, and I’m one happy Christmas movie watcher. ♥


‘Operation Christmas Drop’: A Feel Good Netflix Celebrates Giving. A review of the 2020 Netflix film with Kat Graham. © Rissi JC
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Content: minor innuendo, if anything. This one doesn’t abuse its TV-G rating.

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