‘Five Star Christmas’: A Fun Family Fest


Unusual of the normal Hallmark fare, this film is one of the 2020 Thanksgiving week additions and while it’s the same, it’s also not. five star christmas

Five Star Christmas (2020) Hallmark TV Film Review

Going home for Christmas gives Lucy Ralston (Bethany Joy Lenz) a surprise she doesn’t expect. Taking the trip home is a simple leisurely drive, but as she pulls up to her childhood home, she finds it’s now an inn. This is decidedly not at all what Lucy expects. But her father is lonely and needs income, and so the inn is born. Her siblings, Will and Amber (Blair Penner, Grace Beedie) are just as surprised, but as the entire family gathers together, including her paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother, Lucy finds it tough to share this house of memories.

Knowing how important this is to her father, she puts her best foot forward when they learn the prestigious critic Bea Turner may be in the area. This leads the family to pretend they aren’t actually family so that the inn can appear to house guests. A rouse they don’t plan to spill over to an additional guest in the form of travelling geologist Jake Finlay (Victor Webster).

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From my memory of the Hallmark originals, this is a “type” of film we don’t see often. It’s got a sort of “madcap” and quirky aspect that isn’t often a part of a story like this. The most prominent of which is the crazy (but totally likeable and loveable) family that comes together to play a kind of pretend game; all for good reasons.

Aside from the zaniness of the film, it’s also nice to see Bethany Joy Lenz in another Christmas film. She’s one of my favorite Hallmark actresses, and so anytime I see her in something, I tend to like the film. This title is no different. Victor Webster is also always good. There’s several supporting cast members who I do not recognize, but do a nice job in their roles. Plus, in addition to the fun this is primarily made up of, this also looks a bit deeper (the direction some characters want to take their life) in some of its story threads.

If you enjoy good laughs, and strong family ties, then Five Star Christmas is a gem to sit down and watch.


‘Five Star Christmas’: A Fun Family Fest. A review of the 2020 Countdown to Christmas film with Bethany Joy Lenz. All text © Rissi JC
‘Five Star Christmas’: A Fun Family Fest. A review of the 2020 #CountdowntoChristmas film with Bethany Joy Lenz. @HallmarkChannel #Hallmarkies #HallmarkChristmasMovies Click To Tweet

Content: this is the same as any other Hallmark film, there’s no offensive content to note.

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