Based on the bestselling novels from British author Holly Smale, Netflix brings Geek Girl to life. A ten part series about a heroine probably many of us will see parts of ourselves in.

Geek Girl (2024) Netflix Series

Making it through high school means survival for Harriet Manners (Emily Carey). She’s what everyone would call a “geek,” and being the subject of cruel social videos proves this. She has but one friend, Nat (Rochelle Harrington), who is passionate about fashion and breaking into the world of modeling. The only other peer who treats her with kindness is Toby (Zac Looker), a boy who is part friend but also someone who just wants to have a friend. When Harriet’s school wins a competition to attend a London fashion event, the kids pack up and Nat drags Harriet along for support.

Even with her clumsy aptitude, which again finds Harriet on the floor after destroying a display, it’s Harriet who is discovered. When her parents, dad Richard and stepmom Annabel (Tim Downie, Jemima Rooper) object to Harriet signing with a persistent modeling agency, she does so anyone. What she hopes this does is change her life to bring her what she needs. What she doesn’t count on is the handsome Nick Parker (Liam Woodrum) and the affect he has on her.


‘GEEK GIRL’: NETFLIX ADAPTS INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER. Review of the ten-part #Netflix comedy #GeekGirl based on the novels by Holly Smale. #Comedy Click To Tweet
‘GEEK GIRL’: NETFLIX ADAPTS INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER. Review of the Netflix series. All text © RissiWrites.com

I had completely forgotten that producing Geek Girl was in the Netflix queue. As someone who adores the novels (the three I read), seeing this was high on my must list. The books are like a British version of The Princess Diaries minus the royal component; they’re easy reads and thoroughly enjoyable. Though remembering how much of the books translate to screen here, that I cannot remember. It’s been too long since I read the books.

This show however is still darling even if deviation happens. The (mostly) fresh cast is fun and fabulous; and after liking the British miniseries Lost in Austen, it’s great fun to see Jemima show up here. I loved the characters and even, to an extent, find some of the “villains” interesting. What I like best about this story is that Harriet is someone we can relate to. Maybe not now, but at some point in our lives, we’ve all had those moments where we wish we could just disappear. What I love best about this series is that the script allows Harriet to make a choice and to do something that will change her norm.

Continuing on with things I adore is that Geek Girl never abuses its rating. Where some will say this is young and uninteresting, I think it does have an adult sophistication (probably because of the setting) without ever bringing in crass adult content. This is darling. Clocking in at ten 30-minute episodes, the show is like a small piece of candy that we enjoy and then say, just one more. I cared about watching the particulars a bit more than most probably will, this is something you can play while working on a project or painting your nails, and still enjoy. It’s emotional in spots, but mostly it’s just a good time with a message about overcoming, and I quite love this.

You can stream Geek Girl on Netflix


‘GEEK GIRL’: NETFLIX ADAPTS INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER. Review of the Netflix series. All text © RissiWrites.com

Content: nothing much to note in this TV-PG series. It’s implied 2-3 characters like the same sex, and there are a few kisses between pretend couples and people who have crushes on each other.

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