Like anything I do, sharing thoughts on the second season of Netflix’s Virgin River is late. But as it’s one of my favorite “comfort” TV shows, I’m going ahead with it, despite my tardiness.

Virgin River, Season Two (2020) Netflix TV Review

Sorrow and fear sends Melanie Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) running home to LA. While there, she tries to find herself and say goodbye to the husband she lost nearly one year ago. In time, she makes the decision to return to Virgin River and complete her contract working as a nurse practitioner at their small general practice. Once she returns, she discovers not everyone is happy to see her.

Bar owner, Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) didn’t know where Mel was or if she’d return. He has told her how he feels and that he’ll wait. But now her actions make clear how she feels, Jack wants his own space. Plus, he’s trying to navigate how he’ll co-parent the child his ex-girlfriend, Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) is expecting. Elsewhere, Doctor Mullins (Tim Matheson) is happy to have Mel back, while his almost ex-wife, Hope (Annette O’Toole) isn’t so keen on sharing with the town that she and Doc may be rekindling their romance.

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‘VIRGIN RIVER,’ SEASON TWO: THE INTRIGUE AND ROMANCE IS BACK. Review of the 2020 second season of Netflix's adaptation. Text © Rissi JC
‘VIRGIN RIVER,’ SEASON TWO: THE INTRIGUE AND ROMANCE IS BACK. One of my favorite #Netlix shows has more secrets, mystery and romance in store in season two! #Romance #VirginRiver #TVShows Click To Tweet

Most critics, and even viewers that I see talk about this don’t care for it. I’m, as usual, someone who doesn’t agree, and loves this story. Like anything, it’s flawed and sometimes the same story with different plays pops up, but this doesn’t detract from the fact that Virgin River is one of my comfort binges. Like its first season, there’s something for everyone. Intrigue, conflict (in many forms), drama and emotional upheaval, and of course, romance.

Speaking of the romance, this installment of ten episodes takes Mel and Jack forward, back and then forward again. Overall, I think the writer’s set them up for being in a good place moving forward, and then the end happens. It’s all kinds of the ideal cliffhanger which will make me curious about what’s to come next. I like, in this show, that everything is slower between Mel and Jack because of her emotional state. She needs to be in a better place before she goes forward in a new relationship, and finally, I think she’s there. There are also new characters and returning faces, too. Some make you root for them, others not so much. I’m also one of the people who cannot stand Charmaine. If she were a little bit different I could like her, but as we leave her, I 100% do not. She may have a right to feel slighted, but her reaction earns her zero sympathy from me.

All in all, I love this second season. There are more of the same conflicts to fester and more good deeds, which is in part why I love the show. It’s still got that comforting vibe that makes me a fan. Needless to say, I’m curious to see what comes next (aside from meeting Jack’s sister!) for this story, based on the novels by Robyn Carr.


‘VIRGIN RIVER,’ SEASON TWO: THE INTRIGUE AND ROMANCE IS BACK. Review of the 2020 second season of Netflix's adaptation. Text © Rissi JC

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Content: There is 1-3 sex scenes [one is off-camera, and just discussed; the other two feature close up, caressing shots]. There’s also discussion about “safe sex” and condemns/birth control. There’s some tense conversations and actions; we believe someone is murdered and another man is accidentally killed. There’s abuse and the emotional impact of this. The show is TV-14.

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  1. I like watching this delightful show on Netflix, which makes me laugh at certain times. I can’t wait for season 3 to see what happens to all the characters.

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