Putting her life on the line is all just a part of the job for Sharon Pogue (Jennifer Lopez). As a Chicago police academy graduate, her life and career are dedicated to helping people. She also lives by these rules. Her family isn’t the same. They have more than one skeleton in the closet, for which they blame her, and when she discovers her brother is abusing his wife, Sharon attempts to help her sister-in-law. One night down a dark alley, chasing a suspect on foot, Sharon encounters a mysterious stranger who saves her from an armed felon prepared to commit murder. Angel Eyes

Catch (Jim Caviezel) claims to have just been doing what any good citizen would… but Sharon has her doubts. How did he come to be in that alley at that exact timeframe? Is their meeting fate? Or is Catch not who he says he is? As the pair begin to spend more time together, love blossoms between them. But the deeper they fall in love, the more secrets from their respective pasts surface…

SEE THE ROMANCE DRAMA ‘ANGEL EYES’ WITH JENNIFER LOPEZ PLAYING A COP. Jennifer Lopez and Jim Caviezel co-star in this 2001 drama. Text © Rissi JC

Apart from the title having little impact on the actual story, this is actually one of the better movies I’ve seen. It unfolds as a typical romance involving two people who have a lot of baggage in their respective pasts. However, it doesn’t stop there. Everyone confronts their ghosts, but forgiveness is not given in every case. The connection Catch and Sharon share isn’t a difficult one to figure out. What I am partial to is the omission that everything has to tie up as a happily-ever-after scenario. Naturally if I like the leading couple together, I want to see them wind up together, but here this doesn’t always serve their pasts. In one way, the film ends happily, in another, it does not.  Somehow, I find myself appreciating that aspect this go-round because life isn’t always so perfect. angel eyes

Although it lags in morality, it isn’t for lack of characters asking forgiveness (they do). This helps viewers recognize that characters do their part to reconcile certain situations. That they apologize makes this, in a roundabout way, comparable to messages of unconditional forgiveness. (Although it doesn’t say much about the difficulty of forgiveness.) In that way, the movie is actually very tasteful. The acting plays an important role, too. This isn’t Lopez’s best character but I enjoy seeing Jim in something again. His character is an interesting study; his past doesn’t have complications, but he’s one fun personality who is lonely. In the end, this is decent and compelling storytelling. Just know, Angel Eyes is a very adult film.


SEE THE ROMANCE DRAMA ‘ANGEL EYES’ WITH JENNIFER LOPEZ PLAYING A COP. Jennifer Lopez and Jim Caviezel co-star in this 2001 drama. Text © Rissi JC

Content: Sometimes it’s unnecessary but here the R-rating of Angel Eyes is definitely warranted. There’s close to forty f-words, plus sh*t and other crudities (including references to oral sex). Sharon goes on one date and admits she would have been willing to engage in a one-night stand should he ask. Later Catch and she strip down to their undergarments and swim, then there is a shot of them nude on the beach lovemaking. Bullets riddle a diner with a table full of cops; only bullets to shoulders or other non-life threatening injuries are implied. Various foot chases take place and guns fired on suspects. Domestic abuse is referenced in a handful of conversations (one woman is seen with a black eye). 

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