This is one of those older titles that I never saw. Not because I didn’t want to but more because it wasn’t on a streaming I already paid for or maybe I didn’t realize what it was really about. Either way, seeing The Love Punch is a long time coming.

The Love Punch (2013) Film Review

Weddings is perhaps the one thing Kate (Emma Thompson) agrees with her ex-husband Richard (Pierce Bronson) on. Divorced several years now, the pair are cordial to each other with a kind of comfortable, uncomfortable banter. They share two children and are currently having to make small talk at a wedding. What’s worse is despite their respectively dull retirement lives, Kate, just as she’s thinking of dating again, has to see her ex twice in one week when he shows up. This time it’s with very bad news.

It would seem, the management buy out of his company is fraudulent. The culprit is a business man who cares nothing for Richard or the many employees who have been loyal to him. This leaves, Richard, his employees and Kate without a pension or anything to survive on. With some spontaneity and little know how, Richard and Kate find themselves travelling to France, with an idea of getting back what’s rightfully theirs.

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This film is one of those unexpected delights that I really didn’t expect to be this fun. When I watched the 90 second (or however long) trailer, the vibe I get was Red minus the gunplay and mostly, that’s what this is. It’s a kind of comedy full of British humor and of course, the talent, too. We not only have Thompson, the consummate British talent, but also Celia Imrie and Timothy Spall. You’ll also (in brief) see Tuppence Middleton, too. Part of the reason The Love Punch is as comedic as it is owed to the cast, all of whom can deliver that dry but so funny British humor that works.

This is different from most roles I see Thompson in, however the film also makes it fit her or she makes it work, wonderfully. There’s a kind of madcap adventure element that keeps things hopping and the story moving at a solid little clip. It’s also really fun some of the more minor plot points that crop up. There’s the best friends, the young Frenchman and the unhappy bride. All of these things give the fun plot a few layers and make us think about the different stages of the different characters. Each one gets a little story or at the very least serves a solid plot point for the main characters.

If you like to laugh, you may enjoy this 2013 comedy; more than just funny times, there’s also some pretty scenes too! It seems like one that’s likely underrated and that’s a shame. It’s way more fun that being tagged as underrated. 


‘THE LOVE PUNCH’: ONE OF THE ROMANCE MOVIES SURE TO MAKE YOU LAUGH OUT LOUD. Emma Thompson stars in this 2013 comedy. © Rissi JC

Content: there is sexual innuendo (sometimes with the adults, and suggestions of not having sex in two years; there’s also the brief implication a guy is about to, well, we’ll just say he’s about to do a thing while reading an inappropriate magazine. It’s all played for laughs and we don’t see anything). There’s some profanity (one f-word and other minor uses including some British slang).

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