With cute antics and a little sense of adventure, Fly Away with Me is a Hallmark film about being “covert,” in a fun way.

Fly Away with Me (2022) Hallmark TV Film Review

Looking for a new place is a challenge for Angie (Natalie Hall). Same goes for her job in advertising. Her boss, who also happens to be an ex, gives her more work than is necessary and working in ads is not exactly what Angie does best. Instead, she has big plans to complete a screenplay. When a new place finally opens, Angie finds a new friend in the unexpected arrival of a colorful parrot named Gil. Only thing is Angie’s new place doesn’t allow pets.

This means, Angie has to keep her new friend a secret not just from the rule follower of a building manager, but also her neighbor, Ted (Peter Mooney).

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Fly Away with Me is a cute romance from a brand whose audience knows what to expect and trusts what they’re getting into. This one has some fun antics with its leading characters having to sneak around, but not in the normal way we associate that type of behavior with. All in all, it’s just super cute and fun to watch, especially once they realize what they have in common.

The whole film is an easy, fun watch. Between the cute and unexpected moments of silliness (like rooftop dancing) to the quiet moments between Angie and Ted, it’s all, well, cute. I especially like seeing Peter Mooney in something outside of the more serious role, that is his character in Burden of Truth. Natalie is familiar to most anyone who watches television films; she’s been in anything and everything from royal romances to Christmas movies.

The only thing I don’t love, which is silly, is that the hero really has little connection to flying. For some reason I thought he was a pilot (maybe because of the promotional material?). The angles the script does use still connects to flying, but we really see nothing of his work or really learn much about him in that way. We do, however, spend time with Angie and her work. In this way, it kind of feels as though Angie is the real story and everything else is just background. If you’re a fan of the network, this will, as usual, be something you can play, shut off the brainpower, pop some popcorn and simply, enjoy.


🐦🐕‘FLY AWAY WITH ME’: NEW NEIGHBORS FOOL BUILDING MANAGER🐕🐦Natalie Hall and Peter Mooney star in 2022 comedy. © Rissi JC

Content: there’s nothing much to mention in this TV-G rating. There are some kisses, and suggestions that a couple lives together. We see him in the morning in a robe pouring coffee.

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