With a setting that takes us to a beautiful location and echoes of a cult favorite romantic-comedy, Love’s Greek to Me is mostly a fun experience.

Love’s Greek to Me (2023) Hallmark TV Film Review

Teaching is part of the established life Ilana (Torrey DeVitto) has in Boston. Also a part of her life is her devoted and patient boyfriend Mike (Giannis Tsimitselis). Greek with deep history and ties to his family, the pair are planning a trip together to visit them where Mike’s sister is busy with wedding planning and festivities. Trouble is, nearly everything that is happening is at the bidding of their opinionated mother (Martina Sirtis). When the trip turns into more than just a vacation for Ilana, she comes to find out just how overbearing Athena can be, and the challenges that this presents to her relationship.

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With nods to My Big Fat Greek Wedding and plenty of familiar “feels” to most of the other titles you’ll see on Hallmark, this is an enjoyable film. Largely this is because of the setting which is a location that is, by movie standards, beautiful. It’s also something that makes you want to book a ticket to visit. While this isn’t the only thing to praise, the film doesn’t always have that “it” factor in regard to the rest of the film.

I’ve liked what Torrey DeVitto has starred in but the rest of the cast I don’t have much thought for or excitement over. I appreciate the character of Mike and think he is right when it comes to the personal issues (or partnership) between him and Ilana. I think Ilana is right in in wanting her preferences to be respected when it comes to the relationship between her and Athena. This then leads into their being some misunderstandings and “fights” between characters that don’t also go smoothly, but of course, this is Hallmark so ultimately, you know things end well.

The charm of the love story (I do think the elements that make it up are good) and the location is what draws me into this one. Plus, if you like “comfort,” this one will bring that especially since you-know-how-it-will-all-end early on in the film. I do think the story is a little “selfish” given the reason Ilana and Mike are in Greece, but again, it’s cute. It’s far from my least favorite romance, but not my most favorite either. It’s somewhere in-between and is, for all reasonable conclusions, an entertaining ninety minutes.


💗‘LOVE’S GREEK TO ME’: A MOVIE ABOUT COMPROMISE AND CHOICE💗 Review of the 2023 June Weddings romance from Hallmark. © Rissi JC

Content: nothing outside of the standard TV-G content that is some kissing and in this one, more “serious” discussion about marriage and what it means to be in a partnership.

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