Though familiar by name only, I knew next to nothing about Doc Martin. A British dramedy, the show has its charms, but its this that may also bug viewers. doc martin series review

Doc Martin (2004) Acorn TV Series Review

Prestige is a thing Doctor Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) is no stranger to. With a name known in the London medical field, he’s a brilliant surgeon who sees things others don’t. But when he develops an unusual phobia, it forces him to step back and leave his career behind. He finds a GP job in a small Cornwall village called Portwenn where he hopes to take the time to find a solution to his challenges.

Living in Portwenn forces Martin to live quite a different life and eventually to, perhaps reassess. Martin must contend with patients unwilling to follow his advice; multiple secretaries, most of whom don’t seem to know what they’re doing; a pharmacist who is kind of attached to him; the aunt who may be the only person to love him; and Louisa (Caroline Catz), a pretty teacher.


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While on a trip, I randomly started watching the first episode of Doc Martin. Primarily because it was on one of the free services that didn’t require a log-in. Initially I thought maybe it was a cozy mystery. It soon became clear it was more quirky comedy than anything. The series ran for ten seasons, and featured many ups and downs in the life of Martin, who ends up being called Doc Martin by the crazy (albeit mostly likable) villagers.

This is one of those shows you’ll either enjoy or not be into. I quite enjoyed it and recognized that it’s going to be different given it’s a British show. Everything about British TV is different from American, but I think it’s most stark in the comedy genre. Doc Martin has a likable quality I cannot put my finger on. Martin is a difficult character, but the deeper we look at who he is and why he is this way, it’s easy to understand him. There are mistakes made that he should offer an apology for, but he’s always blamed for things that aren’t solely his fault. Nonetheless, I think overall, the show, even with its rough patches (the mid-seasons are a bit rocky), ends on high notes.

There’s an ensemble cast who is mostly likable. From the revolving (to eventually steady) door of secretaries to the goofy police officers, there is much to recommend finding this show quite charming. If you like shows such as Miranda, I think you’ll like this. You’ll also recognize Murder in Suburbia actress Caroline Catz, and probably many others that I don’t always recognize since they play in more niche British TV. The father and son character duo is funny; Martin’s aunts each have a unique perspective to his story; and there is, although not “sweeping,” some surprisingly sweet romantic moments.

If you like British TV and don’t mind the differences it has from U.S. TV, then Doc Martin is a good watch. It’s also quite easy to binge-watch and is, for the most part, a relaxing watch.


🥼💉🩺‘DOC MARTIN’ ACORN TV SERIES REVIEW: A UNIQUE BRITISH COMEDY🩺💉🥼 Review of the 2004 (- 2022) British comedy. © Rissi JC

Content: there isn’t a lot of content to be concerned with. Most episodes could pass with a TV-PG rating. One episode in season three (episode four) features a bizarre sex scene. It’s brief, but still odd; a man walks in on a couple, up against a table having sex (we see a bare backside, and a woman’s expression with some “noises”). The scene is briefly remembered. There’s implications other couple’s sleep together, and someone eventually becomes pregnant out of wedlock. There is some medical emergencies that you may not like seeing on screen, but none are terribly graphic. Some medical cases involve being unable to “perform” and other issues involving sex.

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