The latest from Netflix to follow in the adaptation footsteps of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, this series is all about a girl, a bunch of boys and seeking healing. my life with the walter boys

My Life with the Walter Boys (2023) Netflix TV Show Review

Everything changes in a second for Jackie Howard (Nikki Rodriguez). One minute she’s on the fast track to an ivy league education, and the next, she’s lost everything. In the aftermath of her family tragedy, Jackie is sent from New York to small town Colorado where she starts a new school, living with her mother’s best friend, Katherine Walter (Sarah Rafferty) and the ten children in her family.

Trying to make space in a home full of 9 boys isn’t something Jackie ever expected. But as she begins her life with the Walters, hopefully on her way to still achieving her dream, she finds herself unexpectedly drawn to the magnetic Cole (Noah LaLonde) while forming friendships in unexpected places.


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In the same spirit as something like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before or other Netflix teen dramas, this is entertaining. I did see someone comment that this isn’t a good show. I didn’t listen to their reasons why, but if you’re judging it by the age range of its audience, then no this isn’t some positive paragon of how to start out your life. But as someone who is beyond the generation of the characters on this show, it’s an entertaining soap-y show.

The one drawback (apart from the choices some of the characters make) is all the boys, and the chaotic way we’re expected to just know them. Nonetheless, I do think it’s nice to see Jackie share a moment with each of the kids throughout the series. Of course, the main revolving characters and arcs shift between Cole, Alex and Jackie, and, Erin. There’s friends Jackie makes that play into it too. Most of the newcomers are good in My Life With the Walter Boys, though some not as good as others, but I do like Suits Sarah Rafferty and Marc Blucas as the wiser adult voices of reason.

The plot is, like I said, dramatic. There’s conflict in relationships that seem to have roots and balance. Jackie’s love life is a whole conflict by itself. Then finally Jackie has emotional baggage. Plus none of the main dudes seem to learn anything or care about other emotions. One thing I do appreciate is that Hayley takes equal responsibility for the demise of her relationship, and if a second season is coming, I want Jackie to make a choice, no matter what and stay steadfast to the choice. How things end isn’t empowering despite remarks from the showrunner. Instead, it’s an easy out that a certain character shouldn’t have taken. You don’t have to be with someone. But you should have more courage than what the choice reveals.

If you don’t like soap opera type stories or any other teen drama from recent years then this won’t be for you. If you do like some silly drama, then My Life with the Walter Boys is an easy binge. Its ten episodes of clash, drama and those dagger stares between teenagers.


Content: there’s lots of making out and kisses between sixteen year olds (heterosexual and same sex). We learn that a boy sleeps around and it’s okay because he’s “honest” about it. There’s other conversation about sleeping around and sex. We see a girl sneaking out of his room, and him picking up his clothes off the floor of another girl’s room. There is some minor profanity. There’s lots of conflict and emotional thematic elements. One character likes the same sex. The series rates TV-14.

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