Featuring a likable cast and entertaining and fast paced script, The Family Plan is one fun flick.

The Family Plan (2023) Apple TV+ Review

Living a simple suburban life is a good one for Dan Morgan (Mark Wahlberg). He has three amazing kids, two of whom barely speak to him, and an amazing wife. On this day, as he sells another car at the dealership where he works, Dan rushes home to celebrate the 18 years he and Jess (Michelle Monaghan) have been married. Life is good.

Then, on another random and normal day, everything changes and Dan’s good life is no longer so good. His past has cropped up… which forces his long ago security plan to begin.


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Though I rarely watch Apple original films, The Family Plan did catch my attention (like Ghosted) because of its lead actor, Mark Wahlberg. Someone I’ve seen in favorite films like The Italian Job or Uncharted, I wanted to see The Family Plan in the hopes it’d be a similar adventure. Turns out the film exceeds those expectations. It’s one of the best (as far as entertainment goes) I’ve seen in a while.

The script entertains primarily but also allows us to see Wahlberg play a dad. The scenes he shares with his on-screen kids may be sentimental, but they are cute and show the viewer how the kids kind of “grow up” and learn that their dad is more than just the guy who embarrasses them. Everyone plays these scenes well and the newcomers impress as much as the stars with dozens of credits.

Those of you who also enjoy roles Mark Wahlberg features in or other action comedies will find The Family Plan the best kind of night in watch. It runs just shy of two hours but never lags or seems overlong. There’s solid bonds that repair and heal, some romance and of course, best of all, good laughs from the script.

You can stream The Family Plan on Apple TV+


Content: there’s suggestive remarks and content between a married couple. They discuss how their sex life is the same. We see them lying in bed under sheets talking about the sex (non graphic). Someone learns they’ve been cheated on. There’s lots of violence and bullets fly. A person gest beaten up badly and tossed around. People die from knife wounds and being impaled. There is some profanity (common uses) and a use of the F-word. The film is PG-13.

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