Featuring a solid cast and a fun premise, National Treasure was, at the time, one of the most fun movies in circulation. Now, even these many years later, it’s still a fun adventure flick.

National Treasure (2004) Film Review

Spending over half of his life fascinated by the lore his grandfather (Christopher Plummer) used to tell him, Benjamin Gates remembers all of the stories. He remembers everything including the rumor that a Revolutionary War treasure has been hidden away for years. Now, as an adult and knowledgeable treasure hunter, Ben (Nicholas Cage) has a team around him and the most promising lead he’s ever had. When Ian (Sean Bean), his financier and his team leaves Ben and his friend Riley (Justin Bartha) behind to die, the duo must re-group, and seek the treasure before Ian finds it first.

This leads Ben and Riley to Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger), a museum employee who finds their claim that there is a treasure map on the Declaration of Independence suspicious. Through a series of events and choices, Ben, Riley and Abigail wind up on the doorstep of Ben’s estranged father, Patrick (Jon Voight), the one man who believes none of the family lore. national treasure


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One of the movies I adored back in the day, I recently re-watched National Treasure when it made a rare appearance on a streaming service I have. Seeing the film again was like a fun trip down memory lane that was almost impossible not to enjoy. There wasn’t anything else, at the time, that I enjoyed any more than something like this fast-paced adventure film. There is a little bit of everything in this Jerry Bruckheimer-Disney flick. You’ll find humor and danger to family and romance, making it a well rounded something for everyone script.

The cast too is great, including Nicholas Cage who has plenty of star power for a certain audience, and Justin Bartha is great as the voice of humor. Everyone really plays their roles well and enjoyably. I like how they work together and their interactions. The script is, for this genre, a fun one, too that holds our interest. There’s some historical intricacies and of course, all of these clues become a kind of treasure hunt.

Bottom line, the film is a good time. It’s entertaining and fun, even if not overly complicated. Though, honestly, that isn’t a bad thing.


Content: the film has some “danger” for the characters. Two are trapped someplace that is set to explode, and later, more characters are threatened by a bad guy. There are some tense situations and may be some profanity. National Treasure is PG.

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  1. This is one of our family’s favorites! It’s such a GREAT movie! And so is National Treasure 2!! I wish they would come out with a National Treasure 3 as NT 2 was left with a bit of a cliff hanger. Still, lots of viewing enjoyment, for sure!! 😀

    1. I enjoy both of these too, Alison! They’re just so fun and entertaining. There are rumors of a National Treasure 3 with this OG cast and the cast (or some of them) from the short-lived Disney+ TV show. So we can maybe still hope. ;)

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