A film that popped up and was promoted on Prime, Polite Society is nothing like I expected.

Polite Society (2023) Film Review

Becoming a stunt woman is about all Ria Khan (Priya Kansara) thinks about. Outside of school, her obsession is training in martial arts and reminding her listless elder sister, Lena (Ritu Arya) that art is her passion and art school is where she belongs. When the thing to bring back a sparkle in her eye isn’t art, but rather a man that their mother quite approves of, Ria finds something wrong with this. Everything from her sister giving up on art, to her accepting a marriage proposal even though she barely knows this dude makes Ria uncomfortable.

When everyone, including Lena, pushes Ria away and believes she’s lost her mind, she sets into motion a plan to save Lena… even if she doesn’t need it.


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If I was in a drought of seeing or accidentally finding “bizarre” movies, this one breaks that cycle. Polite Society is quite unlike anything I’ve seen, at least in recent memory. The film starts as a kind of coming of age script that introduces us to a big dreamer who’s trying to find her place. She’s determined to go against the high expectations of the parents of her peers, and is also anxious for her sister to rediscover her love of art. There are themes of family and sisters, and friendships and loyalty.

None of which is the bizarre part. The film then has a twist that’s kind of a sci-fi perspective that makes me think this didn’t quite know what it wants to be. It’s also a movie that will only suit certain viewers. What’s impressive about the film is the action sequences and the cast too has a nice rapport that’s entertaining even if a little crazy. The film plays up all of the modern messages and won’t be for anyone who enjoys romance movies. But those action scenes help tie things together and do impress, especially that final sequence.

If you’re looking to see something that’s unusual and unique, you will find this in Polite Society.


‘POLITE SOCIETY’: SISTER VS SISTER IN UNUSUAL FIGHT. Review of the 2023 action comedy from Amazon. © Rissi JC

Content: the film has adult content like teenagers being called (as a putdown) “virgins,” and other sensual comments. There’s suggestions that a woman and guy begin to have sex and that a woman is going to have sex with someone then move on (in a kind of “just for fun” manner). After spending the night, a woman “soils” the sheets when she starts her period (implied). There are comments about wombs (to say more would spoil the film) and running tests on women. There’s some profanity like shit and other common use words, plus a use of the F-word. The film is PG-13.

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