Picking up immediately where its cliffhanger first season leaves off, Netflix’s fan favorite Sweet Magnolias kind of lets fans down. Let’s talk about why…

Sweet Magnolias, Season Two (2022) Netflix TV Show Review

Waiting is agony for Maddie Townsend (Joanna Garcia Swisher). She doesn’t know what happened or why her son Kyle (Logan Allen) was driving his brother’s car. But the accident makes her scared and when her children don’t tell her what happened, she’s left to imagine all sorts of negative scenarios. Grateful when she can take her boys home, Maddie now has to face her next fear…

Cal Madox (Justin Bruening) is a good guy who is sometimes unsure how to navigate this relationship with a single mother. All he knows is he loves Maddie, but figuring out where and how he fits into her life is a challenge both must face. Elsewhere, Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) struggles to keep her business, and it’s her daughter, Annie (Anneliese Judge) taking up her bad habits, but she’s also the friend everyone seems to forget about. Amid turmoil, it’s Helen (Heather Headley) who has some good news, but then she receives devastating news that will change everything. sweet magnolias season two


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For some reason, and despite a “That’s how season one ends?” reaction, I didn’t immediately watch season two once it dropped. Late this year I finally hit play on episode one after headlines and whispers of things happening in the subsequent seasons.

Nonetheless, and regardless of my disappointment with what the writers do to some characters, this show remains upbeat, something we don’t see on TV today. I think sadly, it still writes way too many morally grey characters. Instead, we could use more characters that are genuinely good versus seeing characters consistently struggling with darker things. This is made worse when we see that writer’s don’t ever gift them with peace, healing or a lesson well learned so that they step up to be better. This show is a perfect place to give us one or two or even three such characters and yet it persists and insists on following the trends of characters who teeter on the edge of “bad.”

Like season one, what remains unchanged is the cast. I enjoy them even if I think some of the characters are unfairly treated. Whether it’s the charming (albeit barely there) moments between Joanna and Justin; the strength of Heather’s Helen; or the interesting character Jamie Lynn Spears plays, this is quite a large ensemble cast. sweet magnolias season two

If you enjoyed season one, I do recommend season two. My biggest gripe with the show is how ill the writers treat some of the characters. They don’t give them room to work through a problem that would then lead to happiness. Like, we get it. These characters are going through emotional turmoil, but here’s a tip for writers. When you have an ensemble group cast, it is okay to let us see and gift one or more of these characters happiness, and to see that reflect on the screen. In fact, we need that. Beyond this, the show, like season one, will likely make you keep watching to discover what’s next. Even if it’s just to hope there is happiness around the corner.

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‘SWEET MAGNOLIAS,’ SEASON TWO: ALL OF THE DRAMA CONTINUES. Review of Sweet Magnolias season two. Joanna Garcia stars. Text © RissiWrites.com

Content: there is some “winking” remarks about how someone looks or how hot someone is or sex. Conversation (here and there) involves teenagers and sex. Sweet Magnolias season two is TV-14 though some episodes could pass for TV-PG.

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