Familiar faces playing characters Twitter fans love, The Way Home season two is back, and we have thoughts.

The Way Home, Season Two (2024) Hallmark TV Show Review

Giving up on the truth of what happened to her brother is not something Kat Landry (Chyler Leigh) is willing to “let go.” Part of a three generational family of women who can time travel, Kat is ready to make the journey again in the pursuit of discovering Jacob until a near death experience almost rips her heart from her. Her mother, Del (Andie MacDowell) isn’t as interested as Kat. She wants to focus more on remembering good times and living with her daughter, and granddaughter Alice (Sadie Laflamme-Snow) in the now.

Seven months later, and the women haven’t been time travelling. They remain in the present trying to repair the sorrows of their past. But with summer here and the magic of the small town, something calls to the Landry women again… the way home season two


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In 2023, Hallmark made a splash with their new show as a kind of part of their “rebrand.” Not a rebrand of their network. But rather the TV shows they produce. This is also the only one they’ve put out since they cancelled most of their prior shows (with exception to When Calls the Heart). The second season starts off with the women in better places and realizing what matters. For me, no matter what the show is, I find it frustrating when a character lives in the past. Doing this is not just unhealthy for the person, but also causes sorrow for those around us. You appreciate and respect the past, but also have to live your present. This show is big on living in the past. the way home season two

While I appreciate the nostalgia and the throwbacks, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t still things about the show that are annoying (same as any show). One being my least favorite things about a script. Not to spoil anything, but the script puts down a guy in a scenario where in a gender reversal, it would be empowering. As a result, he’s mistreated to an extent and while he can handle it, the scenario is still TV maddening. I like Del and Alice.

If you were a fan of season one, the second season is off and running in a similar fashion. Off to familiar start, The Way Home season two promises more secrets and complications, and a cliffhanger right at the start.

You can stream The Way Home season two on Hallmark Movies Now or purchase online.


‘THE WAY HOME,’ SEASON TWO FIRST IMPRESSION: THE SAGA CONTINUES. Chyler Leigh and Andie MacDowell return. Text © Rissi JC

Content: there’s nothing in the first episode that is outside the realm of normal Hallmark TV-PG. Teens have a party on the beach. There’s social drinking. There’s a passionate kiss.

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