When it comes to TV sitcoms, there aren’t many I enjoy more than the early 90s. Caroline in the City is one such comedy that, comparing to peers, I don’t think got as much attention, but is nonetheless charming.

Caroline in the City, Series (1995) TV Show Review

She grew up in the Midwest, but Caroline Duffy (Lea Thompson) is a big city girl now. She’s got the career and perfect boyfriend… until she doesn’t. Her career as a cartoonist is in need of a revamp and a new artist. While her relationship with Del (Eric Lutes), who also publishes her cartoon, fizzles because she is looking for more commitment from the twice divorced bachelor.

Caroline finds the artist in the dry witted Richard (Malcolm Gets), a man who seems to have zero patience for humor or Caroline’s annoying cat, Salty. Then she decides that she cares too much for Del to let him go, so they give things a second chance, all while her nosy best friend and neighbor Annie (Amy Pietz) tries to give Caroline advice and becomes Richard’s favorite enemy.


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Caroline in the City is a show I started to binge a while back, and as I’m prone to do, forgot about it. I picked it back up, from the start, recently and am reminded, it’s a good time. I like the characters and even the stereotypical comedy and silliness that plays into its era. Mostly, I love this even if I don’t get every single pop culture reference. Before you start this one though, you should be aware of two things.

One is, if you stream the show, there are episodes missing; the episodes will skip from 10 to 15 for example. Plus, it doesn’t have the best of endings. It’s not terrible in that you can imagine, from all the comes previously, how it ends, but we don’t get that final confirmation because of the cliffhanger. I do love this slow burn, could-they-be-something-more romance. It’s not dynamic, but there is something about it that’s special, largely because the personality of the male lead is ideal for the slow burn working so well.

I also really like that this is a workplace comedy but also isn’t since it’s mostly Caroline and Richard working from her apartment. This also allows for a more natural storyline with Annie, and even the personal shenanigans of our characters’ lives. It’s even fun to see a lead character as a cartoonist since that’s a kind of unusual profession.

Fast-paced and entertaining, Caroline in the City is one of those fun comedies that is easy to binge for anyone who doesn’t mind some nostalgic 90s comedy. There’s parental and ex complications, new romances and heartbreak, work catastrophes, and yes, even dilemmas about how to get cheap cable. It’s just, for the most part, a really fun watch that features characters who make us laugh.

You can stream Caroline in the City, season one on Pluto TV, at publication.


‘CAROLINE IN THE CITY,’ COMPLETE SERIES REVIEW: A HEARTWARMING COMEDY. Review of the 90s comedy with Lea Thompson. All text is © RissiWrites.com

Content: there is some innuendo and implication a couple spends multiple nights together. Constant jokes imply another character sleeps around quite a bit. There is some conversation about this and other innuendo about sex lives. A woman and men are naked in an apartment because they plan to consummate their romance only in true sitcom fashion, people barge in and find them naked (this is the first episode of season four). Most of it is mild, and many episodes are only TV-PG.

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