‘Monte Carlo’: One Cute Girl’s Trip Adventure of a Comedy


Though I didn’t watch her hit Disney channel series, I have seen Selena Gomez in many of her popular teen rom-coms. Anyone who likes entertainment with heart or dreams of overseas travel will find a silly, but sweet gem in this armchair adventure chick flick, Monte Carlo (2011). 

Monte Carlo (2011) Film Review

Ready to leave her high school days behind and enjoy the pleasures Europe holds, Grace (Gomez) receives her diploma, packs her bag, and is about to see Paris with her older, flighty best friend Emma (Katie Cassidy). At least she is until her mom (Andie MacDowell) and Grace’s almost-step-father decide they want the girls to have good influence. This inspires them to send along Grace’s straight-laced, more conservative soon-to-be step-sister, Meg (Leighton Meester).

When the girls miss their tour bus, Grace is mistaken for someone else, and they are whisked away on an all-inclusive trip to Monte Carlo where surprises (and maybe even romance!) await them.

Anyone who has dreams of someday visiting these sights will catch an eyeful of beauty. Beauty that seems all the more authentic because most of the story actually films on location. Needless to say, Monte Carlo features some lovely scenic treasures, and we don’t even have to go through the hassle of airport shenanigans to spot them. Shots like a nighttime scene of a glittering Eiffel tower through a bedroom window or a wide perspective shot from the balcony that boasts the entire city gives the movie an impressive “scale.”

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monte carlo (2011)

Believe it or not, the girls make the characters interesting, even if they don’t have much characterization. I appreciate that there is an age difference since Selena is several years younger than her co-stars, and that all three characters are older (at least out of high school) to begin with. Plus, all of the guys are cute, too. Glee fans will likely enjoy the chance to see Cory Montieth, too. One thing I will say is everyone’s respective accents constantly slip, but Katie pulls off a decent Texas drawl.

Those who like films like Letters to Juliet or Leap Year, should keep this in mind. It’s a shame, it didn’t put up a stronger show in theaters because it’s reminiscent of wholesome entertainment; a rare commodity in Hollywood today. If you don’t mind some of the “silly,” let Monte Carlo (2011) take you on a little European adventure. It’s sure to leave you with a smile.


‘Monte Carlo’: One Cute Girl’s Trip Adventure of a Comedy. A review of Monte Carlo (2011), a teen rom-com with Selena Gomez. Text © Rissi JC
‘Monte Carlo’: One Cute Girl’s Trip Adventure of a Comedy. A review of Monte Carlo (2011), a teen rom-com with Selena Gomez. #Movies #WhattoWatch #Comedy #SelenaGomez Click To Tweet

CONTENT: there’s really nothing to note. There are a couple of chaste kisses, and a handful of milder slang words. Monte Carlo (2011) is PG.

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  1. I like Selina Gomez :) hehe!
    To bad this is rated PG :(
    Great reveiw though!
    I say that all the time don't I? Haha, that's cause it's true :)
    I love your blog, and I love your posts.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Rebekah – I know: Selena does some cute movies and has some really catchy tunes. Like Taylor though, her stuff is very "tween-y."

    This movie is super cute. I don't know if your parents do this or not, but maybe your mom could "preview" this movie, and see what she thought of it. The PG-rating isn't "abused," and my mom used to do that all the time – if there was something she didn't like, we simply muted a brief section of dialogue.

    Glad you enjoy my posts – it means a lot to a just-getting-started blogger. When there are readers who actually read – and comment on what I've worked hard on, it makes blogging SO much more fun. So… thank YOU, Rebekah for all your kind comments; I appreciate them. =)

    Meghan – I know, right!? It is SO sweet. Hope your sister will enjoy it – I know I'm buying it. (And, happy b'day to your sis!)

    Just as a friendly FYI, Meghan, you can get a $2.00 coupon (on coupons.com) for "Monte Carlo" plus Target has it for a mere $14.99 – that's a pretty inexpensive price for a new DVD!

    So glad you stopped in, Meghan! It's been a while. =)

  3. I actually went to see Monte Carlo with Meghan…and we all really enjoyed it. I loved the location, most of the characters…I had fun trying to figure out which of the girls I was most like…not sure if I came to any definitive conclusions =)

    It will be fun to watch it again!

  4. Ella – oh, how fun!! It is really a great "girl's day out" flick – just so sweet… and well, adorable. =)

    Enjoy it on your 2nd viewing, Ella; I know I am looking forward to it.

  5. Raquel – this movie is worth seeing. It is so cute, even if the premise isn't the most clever. Hope you enjoy it! (It is certainly one of my favorites – even if I'm not the target audience.)

    Thanks SO much for following my blog! I very much appreciate it – visit often. =)

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