Borrowing inspiration from one particularly popular movie, Hallmark Channel gets everything right in this cute comedy. One that wanders, even if only of the mildly amusing sort, into the “dangerous” world of private security. undercover bridesmaid

Undercover Bridesmaid (2012) Hallmark TV Film Review

Following a bad wedding experience, Tanya (Brooke Burns) has a case of wedding phobia. This doesn’t bode well for the latest client her private security firm lands. Following threats to his daughter mere days before her society wedding, a wealthy businessman (Gregory Harrison) is looking to hire security to protect his daughter. When Daisy (Nicole Pagi) refuses the idea, Tanya’s boss gives her the gig working undercover with an ultimatum. Take the job and make partner or lose it altogether. Never a quitter, she takes the job, immersing herself in bridal games and horrors of horrors, girl talk.

Trading in their normal trademark, feel-good chick flick (though don’t be fooled, this still fits that genre) is this cute movie that actually does well to add in some action. Sticking with a comfortable plot is usually easy without guaranteeing that the story will be a “good” one. While I cannot say this all that unique (it isn’t), credit is given for the attempt to produce something with a bit more “bite”; even if it does end up being more sparkle than spark.   

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The contrast of professional business woman and screaming, immature bridesmaids was a humorous piece of fun to play with. Tanya was the consummate professional, always determined to do only her job and nothing more. Seeing her attempt to interact because with a trio of wealthy, immature women – who think that wearing the wrong color in the “off-season” is more horrible than anything – is the most humorous satire of the entire film. It’s this distinction between Tanya and Daisy that engages in some fabulous and wholesome sections of comedy. undercover bridesmaid

Brooke’s expressions of exasperation are adorable and hilarious whereas the relationship that grows between she and Daisy is perfectly sweet. Each of the characters are fun and easy to like save for my conservative side bristling at the groom’s wondering eye while claiming to “truly” love Daisy. In the end, it delights me to see them together but seems a bit hypocritical to ogle other women and maintain to have eyes for “only one.” (Insert an eye roll sense of sarcasm here.)  

Aside from some petty complaints, this was a fabulous way to spend an evening. Acting isn’t bad and Burns gets a chance to showcase some comic talent. (Also, Justine Baldoni appears in this. Were there only one complaint about Jake, it’d be the result of the mystery surrounding him. Seriously, I think writers could writes something cleverer.) Then there are the comparisons that can be drawn to movies like Miss Congeniality or Revenge of the Bridesmaids. Especially if you like the latter title, then this is a fun piece of fluff. That’s what this film aces. Enough “sweetness” shines through keeping up the tradition and value we’ve come to expect from the network.  

Content: One woman comments that she’s “waiting” [she still has no scruples about making out with her boyfriend] and there’s one instance when covering a flub, Tanya pretends she’s “saving” Daisy from going “too far” before the wedding. One or two minor innuendoes may be present. The film rates TVPG.

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    1. Thanks for reading, Net! This one was actually one of my very faves – hope Hallmark keeps releasing their movies. There are ones I prefer over other but are always cute. :)

  1. This looks fun!! I'll be checking this one out, too! Being the wedding fanatic that I am (dream job? wedding planner/coordinator!), this is my kind of movie. :)

    1. It is, Kellie! It's one of those happy-go-lucky films. :)

      The movies make the wedding planner job look like fun! I've always had an interest in photography but don't have the resources right now to pursue it. :D

      Hope you enjoy!

  2. It was a cute movie, wasn't it? I also thought the budding friendship between the ladies felt pretty real. The way they marketed this one, I figured for a bit more romantics than there actually was, so it did surprise me several times. Not that I'm complaining, because I did enjoy it. And the romance was cute. So that's my opinion, I guess. It was "cute". ;P

  3. Yes, yes it was! Loved the cute girl-friend friendships and how that all played out. Much of a romantic that I tend to be when it comes to movies, I really liked that being in the background this time. It was enough of a rom-com to please any fan of the genre yet it never lost sight of its "real" purpose – which was Tanya learning something about herself and learning to let go of her past.

    Glad you liked also, Kara. :)

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