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Earlier this month, Sarah tagged me with the “Five Female Characters” tag. Thank you so much, Sarah. What a fun tag and I appreciate the shout-out. I’m only just now getting around to putting said tag together in spite of the well-meaning intention to do it early on in August. Alas, here we are nearing the end of August and nothing happened. Coupled with the fact that I always thought this looked fun, it’s Friday (a.k.a., the best day of the week) and it seemed an excellent day to finally share some answers while, hopefully featuring some amazing characters.

Five Female Characters. Joining the fun and random five female characters tag. Just because (and I was tagged!). Text © Rissi JC
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I am omitting the last one because I had a tough enough time coming up with an answer to the second prompt. Hence, I figure I can totally skip one for the challenge… plus I did technically squeeze five women on this list (not to mention a sixth if you count the “featured” photo). Partially because there are an insane number of female characters I’d like to call friend and secondly, well, you’ll understand the “why” when you get to the lady in the number four space.

Here are the rules.

Rules 1.) List 5 of your favorite female characters (book or screen).   2.) Tagging other people is optional   3.) If you are tagged link back to the person that tagged you.   4.) Link back to the person tagging you  

Choose one character from each category: 1.) Protagonist 2.) Villain 3.) Superhero 4.) That I would want to be friends with
5.) That I wish had better development

Let’s begin.


Demelza from Poldark

Love should conquer all, even if it requires a little help.”  

I’ve only just had the pleasure of meeting Demelza, but she’s amazing. At least, on screen. Not only do I think actress, Eleanor Thomilson, portrays her beautifully, she’s a strong character. Demelza grows into so much more than her first impression (which isn’t bad). Tirelessly, she works to improve herself given her changed circumstances and in turn she earns the pure love of a man she feel for long before he realized her potential. Her virtue, wise counsel and patience with the man she loves shouldn’t be underestimated. Amazing doesn’t adequately describe this lady as seen in PBS’ recent series.   My interest in the book has been piqued, so here’s hoping I like her as well in the novel.  

Lauren Reed from ABC’s Alias

I don’t know about you, but I can’t work to the best of my abilities while wondering whether or not I’m being polite enough to my
husband’s ex-girlfriend.”  

Picking a villain was near impossible. Why I don’t know. I simply couldn’t conjure a villainess who was really evil. I mean I thought of Lydia Bennet, but ditzy (and even, at times, mean) as she is, she didn’t fit the profile. Then I thought of Angelina’s Maleficent, who would have fit, but her redemption is so honest and complete, she too was out of the question.   Then, randomly I was reminded of Lauren Reed. She of course, was Vaughn’s evil wife from ABC’s Alias. The woman’s nasty plots and attempts to destroy those who are happy in spite of her knows no bounds. I’m surprised her climatic ending stayed “dead” as it were. Alias was not known for it’s finality. 

  Rogue from Marvel Comics X-Men series

The first boy I ever kissed ended up in a coma for three weeks. I can still feel him inside my head. It’s the same with you.”

Picking a female superhero was another challenge. I adore Black Widow and while not technically superheroes, I really like the characters some of the male superheroes wind up falling for. I also suspect Supergirl is going to quickly become a favorite female superhero, but since I’ve not met her, I resisted.   Rogue (or Marie) is a female superhero who seems to be overlooked. I only know her from the film series, but what I’ve discovered, I really have enjoyed getting to know her. Her emotional interest pulls the viewer in far more than some of her counterparts. Unable to connect to others through touch, she tends to keep pieces of herself buried, which is perhaps why she looks up to Logan. Their introduction came away from everything she knew and in a sense, this allowed her to wipe clean the slate of her past and possibly have a “normal” future with someone like her. Or so she hoped.

Anna Oliphant from Anna and the French Kiss

Because I was right. For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It’s a person”  

Felicity Smoak from Arrow

Guess what I majored in? Hint – Not the secretarial arts.”    

If I took the time, I could sit here for hours and list characters whom I’d like to be friends with. As it happens, Anna immediately came to mind because I only recently finished Stephanie Perkins book. Anna’s a wonderful female lead. She’s a typical albeit mature teen who has complexities regarding her family (especially her father) and seems like she’d be a fun person to “hang out” with. Plus, she’s an administrator of a film review site. ‘Nuff said.  

*Photo: A blog fan-casted Anna as played by Melissa Benoist, and I liked the idea, so I went with Melissa portraying Anna.  

BOOK REVIEW | Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins  

Naturally, leaving Felicity Smoak off of any character list is near impossible. I cannot seem to leave her off of anything I may write that offers opportunity to include her. But then, you all know why I adore her. So, we’ll stop there.  

TV REVIEW | Arrow, Season One

That’s my thrown together list of “five female characters.”  Who are your love-to-hate villainesses? What about most beloved protagonists? Have any fictional women you think would be your kindred spirit?   Leave any of your thoughts, opinions or randomness below.  If you comment, consider yourself tagged – and if you join in, be sure to return with your link. Happy Friday, friends.

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  1. Ah, Demelza! Yes, she is amazing. And Eleanor delivers her personality so well! After reading book 1, it's clear she IS Demelza. I heard her accent when reading Demelza's speech.

    I'm going to ramble a bit here: the series didn't cast the book's physical description of Ross & Demelza exactly. This surprised me. Ross was to have dark copper hair/blue eyes and Demelza was to have dark brown hair/brown eyes. They kind of reversed it in casting, but you'll hear no complaints from me! I <3 Aidan and Eleanor.

    This was a neat tag post! I will have to ponder a post of my own, sometime.

    1. That's amazing! I love it when actors turn out such a spot-on performance; even if she was different, I think Eleanor does a great job.

      That is funny. Either way, as you say, we know have these characters so ingrained, we likely don't mind. ;) Rambling is always good… do so anytime, friend.

      It was fun… and if you decide to join in, please let me know. :)

    1. If you join in, please let me know, Carissa. I'd love to read yours. I'll confess, I'd have probably chosen some different people and gone more in-depth had I given myself more time, but I *really* wanted to put this together and it fit with the day I post since I'd not planned for anything else. :)

  2. Nice list, Rissi, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D I particularly like your picks of Demelza and Felicity. They are both my favorite part of their respective shows… though Demelza may be tied with Ross… :) Felicity is just the bomb. :D

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I'd perhaps have had better choices/thoughts had I given myself more time (i.e., began putting this together when you tagged me :D), but I was super glad to join in the fun. :)

      Demelza is a new favorite. She's an amazing woman in literature – though, as you say, Ross isn't so bad. ;)

      Thanks so much for the tag.

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