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TV watching isn’t something I was allowed to indulge in every night. Growing up we had one afternoon during which we could watch a movie (normally something animated) and then one night a week, we had pizza and could watch the block of Friday night “family TV.” Who’d think I’d eventually be the girl with a “Netflix queue”?!

Summer 2018 TV | Your Exciting & New TV Obsession is Here!

As an adult that pattern has changed. A lot. I still don’t watch the “live” premieres of television shows, but I do watch a lot of TV shows. So many in fact I’m usually a year (season) behind on being “up to date.” For example just now I’m watching the seventh season of Hawaii Five-O and the eighth season has already wrapped filmed, and aired its season eight finale. Like I said, being behind on my favorite TV obsessions is kind of a “thing” for me.

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Over a year ago, I signed up for Netflix. The month long free trial got me started with the purpose of watching two things. One being the first season of The Crown, the second being the four-film revival series of Gilmore Girls. I did watch The Crown right away, but for some reason stalled watching Gilmore Girls. Well, now here we are, a year plus six – seveneight? – months later and I still haven’t watched Gilmore Girls, but I’ve held onto that Netflix subscription.

Though I probably should let it go (because I did snag a DVD copy of Gilmore Girls), at this point I’m kind of addicted to the service. Below I talk about six of the reasons why!

In My Netflix Queue 1: 6 New Reasons To Love Netflix

1: Father Brown

A quaint British series about a curious Catholic priest who solves murderers in a sleepy English hamlet. Here’s the Netflix description:

A modest, compassionate priest doubles as an effective crime solver in this series based on the short stories by G.K. Chesterton.

Though the cast changes some over the course of six series, this is an adorable series full of heart and cozy mystery cases. All of which are solved by a quirky, bicycle riding priest with a mind for puzzling out curious clues.

2: Fuller House

This Netflix original follows the misadventures of the Fuller family. There’s mom DJ and her three boys, and DJ’s sister, Stephanie, who moves in with her sister to help with her kids. Into this already full house, DJ’s best friend Kimmie also moves in with her teenage daughter, Ramona. Here’s the Netflix description:

The Tanner family’s adventures continue as DJ Tanner-Fuller shares a home with her sister Stephanie and friend Kimmy who help raise her three boys.

Another revival series, Full House (the original show) isn’t a series I have ever watched. Nonetheless, it’s still fun to see most of the entire cast return, and let me tell you, if you’re looking for something to tickle you’re funny bone (which is why I initially watched the pilot), this is that show.

3: Midsomer Murders

A contemporary British mystery series, this one takes place in a fictional English countryside about an inspector who must solve a series of murders in the village. Here’s the Netflix description:

In this detective drama, a police inspector and his sergeant crack hard-to-solve crimes in the fictional English county of Midsomer.

I’ve only seen one of these (as of typing this up), but we really liked it. It’s dated (the clothing, cars, filming and the like), but it’s been on since 1997, so I suspect we’ll see more recognizable technology and sharper filming the longer in we go.

Content: Beware, this one does deal with some adult themes.

4: The Mysteries of Laura 

A harried NYC detective tries to balance life, motherhood, her job, a nanny and her ex (who is now working in her same precinct!).

My mom and I started watching this one, and it’s an entertaining albeit flawed detective show. It tends more towards the humorous side. The only irritant? The back and forth love triangle – also, WHY DOES THE WOMAN ALWAYS CHANGE HER MIND!?

Content: Beware, this one does deal with some adult themes.

5: New Girl

New Girl chronicles the life of a teacher named Jess, a girl who’s as quirky as she is loveable. After discovering her boyfriend has cheated on her, Jess seeks out a roommate and finds the perfect situation with three guys. Only trouble is, these three bachelors don’t know the challenges having Jess live with them will present! Here’s the Netflix description:

Still rebounding from a breakup, Jessica Day moves in with three single guys, all of whom are ready to help her understand the ways of the world.

The discovery of this one came about because, again, I’m still looking for lighthearted and funny shows!

Content: Beware, this one does deal with some adult themes. The show is rated TV14, though the amount of content varies from episode to episode.

6: Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt

Another Netflix original, this one is definitely different. It’s about a woman who, after being held in captivity for years, is finally discovered and becomes an overnight media sensation. Wanting to discover the world and learn things, instead of going back to Ohio, Kimmie decides to live in New York and make a way for herself. Here’s the Netflix description:

When a woman is rescued from a doomsday cult and lands in New York City, she must navigate a world she didn’t think even existed anymore.

This one isn’t something I’m attached to in the sense that I binge watch it. But what I’ve seen has been fun, and from time to time, I do hit “play” on the next episode.

Content: Beware, this one does deal with some adult themes.

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What are some of the Netflix queue addictions currently taking all of your time? Have you seen any of these? Do you like or dislike them? Share your thoughts down below! I’d love to chat with you about them.

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  1. I like to watch Midsummer Murders and Hawaii Five 0 when it's on tv. I don't follow the series but if it happens to be on when I turn the tv, I'll watch it. Gilmore Girls has been on my Netflix for ages. I still haven't watched it. The shows I'm currently watching on Netflix are The Pinkertons which is a detective series set up as a western and I'm also watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Have you watched Stranger Things?

    1. That sounds fun, Carlyn! I've never really done that with new shows, but I do occasionally catch the odd episode now and again of oldie (aka classic) TV shows.

      Gilmore Girls is so fun. Imperfect though it is. :)

      OHMYGOSH! I forgot about The Pinkertons! I've wathced an episode or two of that one too, and it's such fun.

      No I haven't seen Stranger Things. Have you? :)

  2. Oh, I’m so glad you are enjoying Father Brown. I love it’s quirky charm. The first season of New Girl is pretty funny too. Have you seen Schitts Creek? Hysterical!

    1. I LOVE Father Brown, Brittaney. SO MUCH FUN! Also, yes. New Girl is hilarious. I've been watching one or two episodes a night, and it never ceases to make me smile. I love Jess' personality.

      I haven't seen Schitts Creek! I'll have to give it a second look. :)

  3. Oh my gosh sometimes I feel like I LIVE on Netflix lol. Father Brown and Midsomer Murders both sound really good, and I've seen both on there and thought about watching them. I'd like to try both. Shetland was a series I liked and I hope there's another season coming- I should check.

    1. Right? It can be a problem, Greg. :D

      I've not heard of the show you mention, but if you do give Father Brown and 'Midsomer' a chance, I do hope you enjoy. :)

      Happy Netflix-ing.

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