A Shoe Addict’s Christmas: A Bright New Dickens Inspired Romance


When it comes to familiar faces, Hallmark is famous for casting the same people in their popular campaigns. The latest face you’ll see is Candace Cameron Bure in their new Christmas original, A Shoe Addict’s Christmas.

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas (2018) Hallmark Review

Years ago, Noelle (Bure) gave up on her dreams. Or so everyone around her tells her. Despite this, she excels in her work place. As a department store director of HR, Noelle enjoys that she gets to know co-workers. Unfortunately for her pay check, her weaknesses is the right pair of shoes. Late one night she is mistakenly locked in the store, she’s surprised to find a woman (Jean Smart) who urges her to try on a pair of shoes. Once she does, she finds herself revisiting Christmas past, and in the aftermath, wondering if she’s going crazy.

She’s distracted by the Christmas gala she’s been tasked with organizing. An annual event to benefit the fire station, this year, her store sponsors it. In order to ensure both sides are represented, Noelle works closely with a station house fireman named Jake (Luke Macfarlane). Her Christmases past, present and future continue to confuse Noelle… and makes her wonder if love is in her future.

Based on the novel (of the same name) by Beth Harbison, this adaptation is darling. Again, as is true of It’s Christmas, Eve, this is one of the Hallmark’s I didn’t expect to like. Thank goodness I got over this mistaken assumption because I did enjoy it. A lot.

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What should have told me this is the fact that Candace Cameron Bure co-stars. She’s a Hallmark “principal” whose films I generally enjoy. Together, she and Luke share a nice repertoire that really does epitomize what Hallmark boy-meets-girl love stories all should. (At least those that feature characters with a “meet cute” should as opposed to those with a romantic history.) Instead of a “grand gesture” or an end that leads to a confession of three little words, this one leaves us wistful over the future and starry eyed over the prospect of what comes in-between. It’s really the ideal 80-some minute encapsulated romance, and it forgoes the usual 2 or 3 “almost” kisses.

What works so well in this film is the co-mingling of classic and new. The main reason I wasn’t as excited about this one is likely because of its plot, which sounds similar to A Christmas Carol. This also happens to be a story that I’m not fond of. As a result, many of the Christmas films that re-imagine this literary classic (penned by Charles Dickens) misses the mark for me. Something about A Shoe Addict’s Christmas is entirely new. There’s enough of the familiar, but the story makes the tale its own (namely by staying mainly in the present) with a new narrative and an extremely likable leading lady (and man! After learning he’s a fireman, need we say more?)

If you’re like me and are in the middle of a winter storm watch, it’s the perfect weekend to stay cozy with a Christmas movie (or two). One of those you can enjoy is this. It’s full of Christmas cheer and just the right amount of romantic tropes.

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