3 Reasons to See the Romance ‘The Christmas Cottage’


In 2017, I remember seeing a charming little drama called The Christmas Cottage. This year, as I work through re-formats and updating old things (this is not easy!), I was puzzled to learn I didn’t have any kind of review or reflection post on this film. The fact that I didn’t is kind of surprising since I seem to remember it as being quite sweet. reasons to see the christmas cottage

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Today, I thought I’d share a little “reasons to see The Christmas Cottage” post, and then, maybe one reason I didn’t like it quite as well. First, more about the story; the story goes that every couple who spends even just one night at an enchanted ‘Christmas cottage’ is destined to be one another’s true love. In this scenario the couple is Lacey Quinn (Merritt Patterson) and Ean Callaghan (Steve Lund). Maid of honor to a Christmas bride, and brother of the bride, the pair find themselves at this cottage tasked with decorating it for the bride and groom’s honeymoon. Only, as Christmas movies tend to do, this pair gets trapped because of a storm, which is where the story really begins.

3 Reasons to See ‘The Christmas Cottage’

The Familiar and Talented Cast

I quite like Steve Lund from who I think I “met” in one of the old Countdown to Christmas originals, Christmas Incorporated. Anytime you see a favorite actor in a new role, it always makes the story more interesting. At this point (in 2017), I don’t know if I’d seen his leading lady, Merritt Patterson in anything (or maybe one other thing?), but over the years she’s headlined on the network, she’s become a favorite. I like everything I’ve seen her in, and know there’s a couple I have yet to watch.

An Old-Fashioned Love Story

All of the stories from this network have this same kind of quality. But something about this one seems more charming; as if this is one of the better “old fashioned” love stories they’ve put out. I mean, the whole pajama-talking-into-the-night-fireplace scene is cute, right?

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There’s a [Really] Charming Cottage

I mean, sometimes the “place” where a story takes place is just as cool as the story, and this little cottage is so cozy and lovely.

…and one thing that isn’t a favorite:

The Magical Element

Though for most I know this will be a charming aspect, I don’t love the “magical” aspect of the story. For me, the legend of a couple finding true love after one night just doesn’t work well in this kind of setting. I am a romantic when it comes to fiction, but maybe this, to me, just feels a little “too” out there for this modern (ergo, a realistic story) film.

Have you seen this Hallmark romance? What are your “reasons to see the Christmas Cottage“? Do you like or dislike it? What’s your favorite moment? Share all of your thoughts below.

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