Best Hallmark Christmas Romances of the Last Ten Years


Hallmark Christmas romance ten years

As all of my new content plans do, I had lofty goals for this piece. In fact, my origin date is back in August. Yeah, that shows you I was at least thinking about this well in advance of publication. Needless to say, life gets in the way and this start date didn’t pan out. But I cannot let the ten year anniversary of Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas campaign pass without recognizing the decade of joyful productions it’s brought to us. This is why we’re about to look at (some of) my favorites from the Hallmark Christmas romance the last ten years. Hallmark Christmas romance ten years

LIST | How I Rank Some of the 2019 Hallmark Christmas Romance

Before I go on, I would just like to say a few words of appreciation to the behind the scenes people of this network; from publicists and production crews, and then of course, the performers in front of the camera who bring these productions to their best potential. They’ve brought many a smile to many viewers over these last ten years, and if the last ten years are anything to go on, there’s more growing to come. Thank you to everyone who has inspired these joyful, cozy nights in.

Looking back over the last decade, the most drastic change is the number of yearly new Hallmark Christmas movies. From humble beginnings to now (which have evolved and improved so much), there’s plenty of romance to take a look at, and today, I’m sharing one of my favorites from each year, and let me tell you, the further on down the list I go, the harder it is to choose only one. With exception to 2010* and 2011*, I also feature a few “runners up” and share which one is actually the highest rated of its year. With all that said, let’s get to all of these Christmas romances.

Best Hallmark Christmas Romances of the Last Ten Years Hallmark Christmas romance ten years

List is ordered number 10, the oldest (2010) – number 1, the newest (2019); take the ratings lightly as I didn’t double check to see how accurate they are, this is just a fun celebratory post.

Check on demand/local listings for encore / repeat showings of any of these, or you can find most of them digitally or on DVD.

10: An Old-Fashioned Christmas (2010)

This isn’t THE best of Hallmark’s in terms of production, but I do like that it’s a period drama, which is something I’d love to see Hallmark dip their creative toes in more often. Currently unavailable digitally or on DVD

9: A Princess for Christmas (2011)

Hallmark Christmas romance ten years

I mean, how could I not pick this one. It’s a delight from first scene to last, and is certainly on I re-watch time and again over these many years. In fact, I sense a re-watch this year, too!

Runner(s) up: A Holiday Engagement

8: Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade (2012)

Hallmark Christmas romance ten years

Aww, this one is a nostalgic favorite. I used to watch it every Thanksgiving, and while I haven’t seen it the past few years, it remains a favorite, made more so because the heroine is a vintage loving fashionista.

Runner(s) Up: Hitched for the Holidays

Highest Rated (in Viewers): Help for the Holidays

7: Snow Bride (2013) Hallmark Christmas romance ten years

To be honest, I don’t remember the specifics of this one, but one thing I’m sure of is that this one is cuute. Needless to say, like ‘Princess,’ I’m long overdue for a re-watch and I plan to make this happen this year. (We have time yet, right??)

Runner(s) Up: The Christmas Ornament

Highest Rated (in Viewers): A Very Merry Mix-Up

6: The Nine Lives of Christmas (2014)

I mean, when it comes to this year, is there any more perfect choice? I’m going to say a resounding no. But I’m curious, which is your favorite from 2014?

Runner(s) Up: Best Christmas Party Ever and/or One Starry Christmas

Highest Rated (in Viewers): Christmas Under Wraps

5: 12 Gifts of Christmas (2015)

Pretty sure I’ve only seen this one once, but I remember it being really sweet, and I liked the personal shopper plot, which is something I don’t see much of. Currently unavailable digitally or on DVD

Runner(s) Up: Once Upon a Holiday

Highest Rated (in Viewers): A Christmas Detour

4: Christmas in Homestead (2016)

2016 is the first year I had the chance to keep more current with the Hallmark Channel movies, and this was either the first or second I saw that year. It remains one of my favorites though of course it helps that two of my favorite actors (Taylor Cole and Michael Rady) co-star.

Runner(s) Up: The Mistletoe Promise and/or My Christmas Love

Highest Rated (in Viewers): Journey Back to Christmas

3: Christmas Next Door (2017)Hallmark Christmas romance ten years

Hallmark Christmas Giveaway

This one didn’t receive great reviews the year it debuted, but I think it’s quite cute. It features Jesse Metcalfe in a Scrooge-type role all while living next door to a woman who is the opposite, to the extreme!

Runner(s) Up: The Christmas Cottage and/or A Gift to Remember

Highest Rated (in Viewers): Switched for Christmas

2: Welcome to Christmas (2018)

Welcome to Christmas

If you like Signed, Sealed, Delivered, you’ll really enjoy Welcome to Christmas where Eric Mabius (aka Oliver O’Toole) plays a small town sheriff (!!!) who is widowed with kids (!!). It’s quite entertaining to see him in a role that’s so opposite of who everyone loves him as.

Runner(s) Up: It’s Christmas, Eve (Review) and/or A Shoe Addict’s Christmas (Review)

Highest Rated (in Viewers): Christmas at Graceland (Review)

1: Christmas at the Plaza** (2019)Hallmark Christmas romance ten years

I probably shouldn’t talk about the 2019 season yet since it’s not over yet (though its end is rapidly approaching!!). But This one is so nostalgic and sweet. From what I see I’m in the minority considering it a favorite, but what can I say? When I like something it kind of sticks with me. Plus it hurts nothing that the adorable Elizabeth Henstredge co-stars, who is of course, Simmons from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Currently unavailable digitally or on DVD

Runner(s) Up: Christmas Town and/or Christmas Under the Stars

Highest Rated** (in Viewers): Christmas Town (Review)

*Because this information wasn’t readily available, and I was too pressed for time to find it.

** These thoughts could flip and change as the 2019 season isn’t officially closed yet; and I’m not sure how accurate the ratings are this early on.

Tell me, which of these ‘best of Hallmark Christmas Romances’ would you pick as your favorites of the past ten years. Tell me your favorites (from this list or any I neglect to mention). I’d love to chat all the Hallmark Christmas movie love with you all.

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  1. The ratings for Christmas At the Plaza agree with you. While social media may say it’s not a favorite, trust me, it is. I think they may be planning a sequel!

    Great choices! I have forgotten about Welcome To Christmas & Christmas Next Door!

    1. I’m so glad to know this, Ruth; I’d LOVE to see more in line with this plot, and a squeal would be EVEN better. :)

      Both two (underrated…?) favorites of mine. :) Appreciate you stopping by – thanks!

  2. I officially adore the concept of this post, and might even have to steal it for my own blog ? I also love pretty much all of your choices (particularly Christmas at the Plaza, A Princess for Christmas & Snow Bride), though personally I might have swapped Nine Lives of Christmas and One Starry Christmas around, haha. The ones that are at the top of my favorites list are:

    2011: Trading Christmas (Honourable Mention)
    2015: The Bridge, Just in Time for Christmas,
    2016: A Dream of Christmas, December Bride,
    2017: Christmas Getaway, The Mistletoe Inn, and
    2018: It’s Christmas, Eve or Once Upon a Christmas Miracle

    Oh, and I concur 100% as well that Hallmark needs to invest in putting out more period dramas!!

    1. I thought it was too fun NOT to put together, Kristy – and I hope you did! Let me know if/when you do. :)

      YAY for share favorites. I liked “One Starry Christmas,” but ‘Nine Lives’ is one I’ve seen many times, so I tend to always pick that one; plus I think its heroine is TOO cute, and I can RELATE to her rambling. ;)

      It’s Christmas, Eve is lovely as is ‘Miracle’ (SO MUCH EMOTION!). Right? More period dramas from Hallmark – and where do we make this known!? ;)

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