Anytime a romantic dramedy tries something a little different, I like to give it props. While I do give credit to Just One Kiss, I think it also misuses some of its more unique elements.

Just One Kiss (2022) Hallmark TV Film Review

Walking through a divorce is the last thing Mia (Krysta Rodriguez) has in her future plans. But here she is, set to finalize the divorce despite her ex wanting them to stay together as a family. Unable to risk his addiction affecting their daughter (Ava Grace Cooper) more than it has, she says no, finds a new place and tries to rebuild their lives.

Tony (Santino Fontana) is a little bit of a romantic, and one of the rare men who likes old films and the classic love songs. He likes them so much, he sings them at an upscale restaurant. What he doesn’t have is love. When he and Mia meet by pure happenstance, they find there may be a friendship in the making even if they do annoy each other.

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Right upfront, I have to say, I admire what Hallmark is going for in this film. I think it’s admirable to try and create a film that has this kind of classy, golden-esque feeling and look to it. While I didn’t finish it, I think their Holiday Spectacular from last year is much the same. I think also, this script tries to bring in that nostalgia of romantic-comedies we don’t see anymore and create a kind of unique blueprint compared to most on this network. The Old Hollywood elements and glamour attached to this is lovely and makes this one stand out.

This said, I think this is also a weakness. While I like, in theory, the dreamy glamour of these scenes, how they materialize is “off” and doesn’t work all that well. I don’t want to say more for fear of spoiling something. Nonetheless, I think this element while it’s interesting, doesn’t fit well here.

Back on the positive side of things, I did think the cast was good. Mainly the primary two stars, and I like the conflict (in this instance) of an ex because of the emotional challenge he presents. Finding a way to live with this or work it into a healthy future presents a unique story. While I do have grips with Just One Kiss, and would like to see Hallmark create more films similar to this, the film is still cute and has its moments.


💫✨‘JUST ONE KISS’: THE HALLMARK THAT GOES HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR✨💫 Review of the 2022 Hallmark film. © Rissi JC

Content: not much to note that would abuse the TV-G rating. There is discussion of an addiction (it’s brief and not in detail) and how it affects people. One character is in a same sex relationship and we see them together two to three times on screen.

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