The Runaway Princess: This is How to Write a Smart & Sassy British Romance


Author: Hester Browne
Publication Date: 2012
Publisher: Gallery Books
Genre: Fiction; Adult Contemporary, Romance
Source: Bought
Rating: ★★★★½

The Runaway Princess by Hester Browne | Book Review

THE STORY | For Amy Wilde, life is just as she likes it, simple and happy. What makes things even better is her too-good-to-be-true boyfriend, Leo. Attentive, kind and a gentleman, Amy never dreams a guy like him existed only he does – and he choose Amy. There’s only one teeny, tiny problem; Leo has a secret. A secret that’s not exactly tiny.The Runaway Princess

You see, not only is Leo the “ninth most eligible” bachelor (in the world), he’s also a crown prince with an entire litany and schedule of duties that come with his title. Things suddenly go from happy to anxiety-inducing grand events and press lines in a heartbeat. Much as Amy loves Leo, is she ready to be on a world stage?

REVIEW | Reading secular rom-com isn’t always my cup of tea. Fortunately I’d read a stellar review for this novel which led me to buy a copy. After that The Runaway Princess sat on my shelf being good for nothing but taking up space. Once I finally got into it, I had to ask myself: why did I wait so long to read this!?

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The snappy dialogue (which is deliciously British), its British setting and wonderfully colorful characters gives this book an edge. Sure it will probably conjure up reflections of The Prince and Me (the Julia Stiles film) however there is some kind of sparkle this book has that lets it shine in unique ways. Amy and Leo are brilliant characters, who aren’t the carbon-copy leading couple. In particular I liked Amy’s sweet and sometimes awkward personality (read: relatable!). Plus the fact that there isn’t a huge “let’s-break-up-because…” heated moment is a breath of fresh air.

It may be a contemporary romantic-comedy traditionally – something that might inspire concern over clichés, but this has lots of glitz and glamour amidst some of the more important social issues and poignant moments that take place between Amy and Leo. The story keeps us guessing even as the logical part of our mind tells us all will be well and lead to a happily ever after. The “when” I don’t know for certain, but I will be reading more of Hester’s novels. If they mirror this novel at all, I’ll be enchanted all over again.

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Content: there are some vague references to couples sleeping together. Social drinking and minor profanity can also be found along with some British slang

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