10 of the Fun & Spooky Novels Living on the Bookshelf!


As we are nearing All Hallows Eve, today we come to you with another seasonal post. Because, why not, right? When there’s a perfectly logical reason to post season appropriate content, one must take advantage of the short time in which to do so. Specific to this publication, we talk about some fun and spooky novels to read or the fun (?) and spooky (?) novels that live on my bookshelf.

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If you’re wondering why there are question marks behind the descriptive words, it’s for this reason. I haven’t read any (or nearly none) of the books on today’s list. My impression of them is they’re either fun or spooky, or perhaps a bit of both. Either way, they “scream” read me! this time of year which makes me wonder, why haven’t I done so?

Also, as one last mention, I’m 99% sure I use nearly all the same books for this kind of list from year to year, but when the shoe fits…!

10 Fun and Spooky Novels to Read [Living on the Bookshelf]

1: If I Run (Series) by Terri Blackstock

To be honest, these really aren’t “spooky,” but they do have some emotional “frights.” They aren’t scary, but just the idea of a woman having to run for her life is, well, sobering and troubling. Goodreads

2: A Study in Charlotte by Brittaney Cavallaro

This one seems more “fun” than “spooky,” but maybe it’s a little bit of both? Either way, it seems like such a fun read, which is a modern take on Sherlock and Holmes, with these characters being descendants of the famous duo. I think. Goodreads

3: Entwined by Heather Dixon

I don’t know how well this one fits, but it seems like Heather’s books might (sometimes?) have little bits of spookiness, especially given they’re often inspired by underrated fairy tales. Goodreads

4: Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson

I mean, a mystery YA novel set at a boarding school? How much fun does this one sound? Also, despite the hype, this one just seems like an excellent atmospheric read to enjoy this time of year. Goodreads

5: The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade

99.9% sure I include this title on every single “All Hollow’s Eve” list I make of books. What can I say? It seems like the ideal addition! Goodreads fun and spooky novels

6: A Curse so Dark and Lonely by Bridgid Kemmerer

I mean, a Beauty and the Beast re-telling that’s a fantasy, and one that’s maybe a little bit on the “dark side”? I’m curious, also the positive feedback for this one makes me excited! Goodreads

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7: Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

I mean, the title alone makes this one a winner. Goodreads

8: Lady Jane Disappears by Joanna Davidson Politano

Read this one quite some time ago, but it seems pretty fitting for such a list. Goodreads

9: An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rodgerson

Ok, so I know next to nothing about this one (it’s about an artist who commits a grave offense when she paints emotion in the eyes of a royal – gasp!) with exception to the fact that it had some good praise when it first released. Makes me wonder what it’s all about, and the cover art looks a little spooky. Goodreads

10: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

If it’s not true of any of these others, I know it’s true that this one consistently winds up on this seasonal list Also, I’ve been told by trusted reader friends that these are indeed fun reads. Goodreads

11: In the Shadow of Croft Towers by Abigail Wilson

A “pretty picture” Gothic-esque story, this debut is indeed a fun read full of thieves, spooky estates, and of course, a dash of romance. Goodreads

12: The Curse of Misty Wayfair by Jaime Jo Wright

I haven’t read this novel by Jaime (and technically, this is the one that doesn’t reside on my bookshelf), but what I have read by her is all about the ideal atmosphere for this time of year. Oh, and I’m pretty sure most of her books (or all?) are time slip novels, too! Goodreads

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10 of the Fun & Spooky Novels Living on the Bookshelf! Talking about a few of the maybe (??) spooky-ish reads on my shelf! Text © Rissi JC

So… do you like spooky reads; or are you more of a “cozy mystery” reader? What’s your favorite kind of autumn read? What are your thoughts on dark novels? Do you have a list of fun and spooky novels to read? Comment down below with all the bookish thoughts. If you have a blog or joined in the Top Ten Tuesday meme, leave your links below. It may take me an entire week, but I’d love to come by and visit your bookish spaces.

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    1. That’s usually my response to Top Ten lists, too, Anne: I’ve seen them all around the blogosphere, but as usual, haven’t read them. ;) Costumes are fun, too! Thanks so much for the visit!

    1. SO glad to know this, Greg. “Truly Devious” sounds like a great read, and I’ve seen lots of positive thoughts, so I’m hopeful. :) Enjoy the sequel, and thanks for the visit!!

        1. Love Agatha and Co. (cannot wait to see the additional 3 or 4 episodes in the New Year), and of course, Sherlock Holmes (the shows/movies) is always a fun time. :) I really should pick up an Agatha Raisin book because the show is fun, and the other two you mention are new to me! I’ll have to look into them. Thanks. :)

  1. I’m definitely mostly chicken so spooky reads are not always my jam. If I had to choose between a mystery/thriller (with no paranormal events) vs. spooky with lots of paranormal I’d for sure always go with the former ? I just can’t handle that scary life haha great list though! I want to read An Enchantment of Ravens and Truly Devious, and absolutely loved ACSDAL. Hope you enjoy all of these ?

  2. I haven’t read that Kiersten White book/series yet BUT I adore the other books I have read by her (And I Darken, Slayer, etc) and her writing is SO beyond perfect and atmospheric for this time of the year. That being said, swoon, Truly Devious is BRILLIANT and fun and I really loved it and its sequel so much. Also, yes, yes, yes, to the Charlotte Holmes series. One of my all-time favourites of the past decade. I was smitten from the start and I’m surprised I’ve never burned myself out on it yet.

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