21(!) of the Most Fun Non-Spooky Movies!


Today, in the spirit of the fast approaching date on my calendar, I’ve put together a fun little list. At least, I think it’s fun! So today we have a list of fun non-spooky movies to enjoy over this upcoming All Hallow’s Eve week.

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Although I’m not a person who ever has celebrated Halloween, once in a while, I have been known to watch a movie with great atmosphere and seasonally appropriate themes. This list is a collection of those films I’ve seen, or mostly. I will admit, I’ve added about three or four that I haven’t yet seen simply because I didn’t get the time. Still, I’m pretty confident that they fit just fine on today’s selection of non-spooky movies. Sure, some of these may have a few chills, but there are certainly no horror-like movies, and if there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that horror is not a genre I’m in the least bit interested in.

With that said, let’s have a look.

A Brew of 20 of the Most Fun Non-Spooky Movies!

1: Agatha Raisin: the Haunted House

If you enjoy seasonal stories, but don’t like the “spook” that often accompanies them, this is your ticket. The latest Agatha Raisin installment is a delight from opening to end.

Rating: TV-14 for some innuendo, and “frightening” moments.

2: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

I know, this one might be a bit of a stretch. We all know the timeless tale, and really, it has all the right elements; a spooky castle, atmosphere, and an otherworldly creature. The best part? A pretty romance for those of us who adore a good love story.

PS: another great version option of this timeless tale is Beastly!

Rating: PG for some minor frightening images

3: Bell, Book and Candle

The first on my list that I haven’t seen. But I mean, really, with Jimmy Stewart playing a man who falls under the “modern” spell of a witch (Kim Novak), it has to be fun, right?

4: Bewitched (Movie)

STORY: A big-screen re-make goes into production for the popular 60s-era show, only for its leading man (Will Ferrell) to realize his life imitates art when he learns his co-star (Nicole Kidman) is actually a witch!

THOUGHTS: I haven’t seen this one, but given what I know about it and its inspiration, I’d nearly guarantee this one isn’t spooky. More like fun and even sweetly romantic I’d guess.

Rating: PG-13 for “some language” (including sexual content), and “partial nudity”

5: Cinderella (2015)

fun non-spooky movies
Photo: Disney

Like Beauty and the Beast, this one might be a little unconventional, but let’s be honest, it does feature a pumpkin as a pretty important story point, and an evil stepmother too!

Rating: PG for some minor frightening images or thematic elements

6: Charmed (2018, CW)

Photo: CW

STORY: Two sisters discover they have a third sister, but also that they share magical powers.

THOUGHTS: Okay, so yes, technically this is a show (as is Agatha Raisin, I suppose), but what I saw of the new CW adaptation (which isn’t much) was an entertaining, almost comical in some instances, though I suspect as the show progresses, that changes.

Rating: TV-14 for thematic elements, and sexuality.

7: Good Witch (Hallmark)

STORY: A woman without a “home” blows into a small town called Middleton where she sets about match-making and helping even the most skeptical of residents, including the town’s chief of police!

THOUGHTS: Though this story has taken a very different turn since its premiere (as a series of 90-minute movies), the TV show (which is still on) is still charming. Still, if you don’t like bittersweet things, you might skip the movies altogether and begin this journey with season one, episode one.

Rating: this one is TV-G or PG depending on the story, but none of them are offensive, at least none that I’ve seen.

8: Great Expectations (2013)

fun non-spooky movies

I mean, really any of Dickens movies can be included here because they’re all such atmospheric pieces of cinema. However this one features a woman so lost she’s roamed her dark, gloomy and dusty mansion in a wedding gown for decades after heartbreak.

9: Hocus Pocus

Haven’t seen this one, but I’ve heard so much about it that I feel confident it fits fine on this list. It’s about three witches played by Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Rating: PG

10: Into the Woods

STORY: A musical mash-up of different fairytales that’s a little more bittersweet than purely sweet.

THOUGHTS: This movie surprised me in unexpected ways. I didn’t know much beyond what I saw in trailers and the basic premise of it being a Disney “fairy tale.” While the story is a bit darker than I anticipated, this story takes a more “real life” approach, and somehow it does work.

Rating: PG for some frightening images and sexual innuendo.

11: Jane Eyre (2011)

fun non-spooky movies
Photo: Focus Features

STORY: An orphan girl is sent to a cruel institution where she grows up to become a governess for an enigmatic and powerful estate owner with a mysterious past.

THOUGHTS: Ok, same as would go for Great Expectations, this one isn’t “fun” exactly, but I mean, is there a more appropriate Gothic movie to enjoy during the season? I also just really like (mostly) the most recent 2011 adaptation.

Rating: PG-13 for some sensuality, and thematic elements

12: The Making of a Lady

STORY: An impoverished woman is fired from her position as a wealthy woman’s secretary only to then receive a practical marriage proposal from her nephew.

THOUGHTS: Though this one doesn’t seem “spooky,” it does take a little dark turn when our heroine finds herself alone at the remote estate of her new husband. It’s dark, but not terribly so, and the end makes it all worth it.

Rating: It’s likely a TV-14 rating for some “tense” moments, and thematic elements

13: Maleficent

Another Disney production, this one re-tells the legend of Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the baddie, Maleficent. It’s really quite good, and makes me want to see its sequel, too.

Rating: PG for frightening images

14: Marple (ITV)

These ITV productions of Agatha Christie’s sleuth are so much fun. I have my favorite installments, but have re-watched them all time and again, and every time, I still enjoy them.

Rating: depending on the episode, they’re TV-PG or 14 for thematic elements/violence, and sometimes, sexual content

15: Northanger Abbey (2007)

Photo: PBS

STORY: Follows the young impressionable Catherine Morland, and her over-active imagination as she visits Bath for the first time, and perhaps even finds love!

THOUGHTS: This is probably Austen’s most “darkly” atmospheric story. It’s still really sweet and lighthearted, but also a little bit gothic.

Rating: TV-14 / PG, but really doesn’t have much that’s troubling.

16: Practical Magic

STORY: Two sisters grow up without parents after a curse on their family line takes their father, and later, mother. One grows up long to be normal, the other with a free spirit that ends up getting her into trouble.

THOUGHTS: Believe it or not, this year is the first time (ever!) that I watched this one (and only a few days ago). Not sure what I think of it to be honest, but it’s still a fun little movie that has as romance that could have been so good.

Rating: PG-13 for some sexuality (more implied than visual), and minor profanity.

17: Pride + Prejudice + Zombies

Like its title, this one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s the classic story of Pride and Prejudice we love, only this time, Lizzy and Darcy fight off zombies. It’s a little dark (maybe scary for some?) in places, but still swoon-y.

Rating: PG-13 for some frightening imagery / frightening moments

18: Sherlock Holmes (2009)

I mean, really, I couldn’t make this list about one nod to the detective. These Guy Ritchie adaptations are so much fun, and of course, Robert Downey Jr. puts his own stamp on the iconic character.

Rating: PG-13 for some nudity, crude humor and tense moments/violence

[A Brew of] 21 (!) of the Most Fun Non-Spooky Movies! Which non-spooky (and fun!) movies do you like? A list of 21 movies to enjoy in Autumn. #AllHallowsEve #Movies Click To Tweet

19: Simply Irresistible

STORY: A restaurateur with a string of bad luck is suddenly able to create the most delectable dishes, all creation that puts a charming stranger under her spell.

THOUGHTS: This one isn’t really a “Halloween” story per se, but it does have a healthy dose of contemporary magic, and while it’s also a little quirky, it’s cute if you want something romantic driven over a few spooky moments!

20: Warm Bodies

fun non-spooky movies

STORY: In an apocalyptic world, zombies continue to grow in population which leaves the few humans left desperate to fight to keep their lives. All this until an unlikely love story begins, a story that could be the key to changing the future. fun non spooky movies

THOUGHTS: I mean, you all knew this one would be on the list, right? It’s just that cute and fun and cute. At the most basic it’s a zombie Romeo and Julie romcom. Fun, right?

Rating: PG-13 for some “gore,” and other thematic elements.

21: You Cast a Spell on Me (BONUS!)

STORY: Tells the story of a modern day witch named Matt (I know, weird the dude is the witch, right?) who must marry by his 36th birthday or forfeit his power. Enter Sara, a mortal who Matt may share a special connection with.

THOUGHTS: Ok, so this one I saw after publishing this post, but have to add it because, awww… it’s kinda’ cute. Though it’s not a Hallmark original, frequent network star, Nikki DeLoach co-stars in this Hallmark-esque, magical romance.

20 of the Most Fun Non-Spooky Movies! Which non-spooky (and fun!) movies do you like? A list of 20 movies to enjoy in Autumn. Text © Rissi JC

Which fun non-spooky movies do you like? Do you watch seasonal movies or are you, like me, not a fan of All Hallows eve? What are your favorite seasonal movies; have you seen any of these? Comment below with all of your ‘fun non-spooky movies’ thoughts!

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  1. Great list of movies Rissi! I don’t celebrate Halloween either, however I do watch classic films, so, I was thinking of “Arsenic and Old Lace” (1944) with Cary Grant. “Crossroads” (1942) with William Powell and Hedy Lamarr. Then, of course, “Rebecca” (1940) with Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier. “Crooked House” (2017).

    1. Oo, yes! ‘Old Lace’ would have been perfect. It’s yet another title I haven’t seen, but I’ve read a lot about it. Also, I agree. “Rebecca” should have fit too. I thought about some of Agatha Christie’s newer adaptations, but those (to me) tend to get a little spooky (or maybe emotionally troubling is better?). However, I do think “Crooked House” would have fit since my memory of it is that it’s more about the sorry state of the character’s unhealthy relationships and/or emotions; the end is so sad!

  2. Ooh, can’t wait for Agatha Raisin! The only sad thing is now that I’ve moved I won’t be able to watch it with my mom and sister : (

    On another note, as a classic film fan I really must get around to watching Bell, Book and Candle one of these days!

    1. Let me know what you think of this new Agatha Raisin adventure, Brittaney; I know how fun it can be to watch these with moms (I watch all the Hallmark’s and most British stuff with mine), so I’m sorry you can’t all enjoy it together. Maybe you can get a text party going at the very least. :)

      I haven’t ever seen ‘Bell, Book and Candle’ (same as can be said of most classic movies), but it sounds fun!! :)

  3. What a great list! It put me in the mood to watch Northanger Abbey again. Although I have to say that the possession scene in Practical Magic totally scared me! I still need to see Into the Woods and Maleficent.

    1. That scene is a little weird in “Practical Magic,” I’d agree. I guess I didn’t think of it as “creepy” in terms of the filming… but I totally understand that the concept is. “Northanger Abbey” is such a cute little Gothic story… and I love it so much; I’d actually like to re-watch it too. YAY for “Into the Woods,” and “Maleficent.” Hope you enjoy both, Heidi. :)

    1. YAY! Hope you enjoy both of these versions, Lydia. Do you have a respective favorite of the ones you’ve seen? My aunt’s favorite “Jane Eyre” was the A&E version which is probably my least favorite. :D

      Thank you for reading.

  4. I love your choices! Atmospheric period stuff is always great for Halloween – Jane Eyre’s a great pick, and I love the Tom Hardy Wuthering Heights too :) I kind of know what you mean about Beauty and the Beast aswell – not so sure about Cinderella though?

    1. Right? That’s what I tried to think of/find because it “feels” right for the day. I thought of “Wuthering Heights” but wondered if it was even darker than “Jane Eyre”? I don’t know… and don’t think I’ve actually seen it. I just threw “Cinderella” on the list because of a silly reason, and there is a pumpkin carriage; it’s more of an impulse addition than one that “fits” the theme… but I guess I broke my own rules. ;)

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