‘Christmas Scavenger Hunt’: One Fun Adventure and Romance!


Anytime a story can take on a kind of “adventure” personality, chances are, it’s going to be good fun. One that fits into this subgenre is another from Hallmark, a TV original that, alongside a pair of exes, Belinda (Kim Shaw) and Dustin (Kevin McGarry), takes us on an adventure. When Belinda returns home for the season, thanks to some quick thinking on her match-making dad’s part, she is paired with Dustin for the annual Christmas scavenger hunt an event she once, and he still does excel at.

Needless to say, a cheerful competition is set to begin…!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt (2019) Hallmark TV Review

Sometimes the most fun that can be had in a movie is when they come with a little adventure. That is the case with Christmas Scavenger Hunt as it sends Belinda and Dustin on, albeit in a very upbeat and jolly sort of way, a kind of spontaneous treasure hunt. The scavenger clues are simple, but that’s part of what makes them fun, and this ‘hunt’ certainly keeps our protagonists participating in all the usual Christmas-y shenanigans. 

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From here on in, the story keeps up a good pace for nearly 90 minutes (minus commercials). The greatest relationship asset to this time limit is that Belinda and Dustin share a past. Makes their interactions fun, and the time they spend together shaped with more intention, and of course, it’s more meaningful. Kevin McGarry is no stranger to these productions, and is also popular on the Canadian drama Heartland, but Kim Shaw is a “fresh face.”

I quite enjoyed her Belinda (how great is this old-fashioned name – and please tell me I’m not the only one that thinks of Love Comes Softly?), and find it a cute albeit small bit of the script for Dustin to call her ‘Bel,’ as a term of endearment. Tom Arnold also co-stars as Belinda’s well-meaning but meddling father, and the rest of the supporting cast is quite entertaining. There’s a few scenes that just don’t “flow” quite as well during some of the stops Belinda and Dustin make, and I’m not sure why, but overall, the story is sweet and entertaining.

Whether you like a cute (and clean) romance or a seasonal one, you’ll find both of these things come together in Christmas Scavenger Hunt. It makes you smile, and when you’re looking to unwind from a busy day or end the weekend on a bright note to help start a new week, and there’s nothing better than this.

Catch the premiere of Christmas Scavenger Hunt tonight, November 3, on Hallmark Channel.

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