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How I Decorate: A Simple and Sparkling Décor Guide

November 24, 2019 Rissi JC 3 Comments

Is your tree glistening yet? Mine isn’t, but in the next week, assuming everything falls into place, all of those decorations should make their 2019 debut in my house! (I mean, we are nearly at the ONE month mark Christmas countdown.) When it comes to décor, I’m all about minimalist. When it comes to Christmas décor, my “big picture” idea is the same, but I’ll admit, like most of us do, I like a few sparkly things to add to the otherwise simple approach. Today, just for fun, I thought it might be fun to switch things up and talk about some of the things or ways I use festive décor in a kind of simple “Christmas décor guide.”

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This year, I’ve been feeling “restless” when it comes to décor, and wanting change. The practical side of me says this is silly since I have boxes of aforementioned pretty things, all of which are in perfectly fine order. The creative side of me is a bit whinier as I see all of the new styles, trends and colors. Needless to say, while some of the old will likely make an appearance, I’m pretty sure, along the way I’ll be adding some newbies to my collection this year. Does it help that as I add new, I’ll also unhaul some old?

This is the inspiration for this publication. I’m rounding up a few of the things I’ve seen, loved, and some classics I don’t see myself growing weary of anytime soon. Below, I share a few of the things or trends I’m loving this year, and some of the things that no Christmas decorator should be without!

A Christmas Décor Guide: How (and What I Use!) I Decorate

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1: Christmas Tree

Of course, always a must is a tree! We’ve always had artificial, which I’m fine with, but no matter your preference, if a tree is all you have, its green majesty is sure to dazzle any space.

I’m shopping for a new albeit reasonably priced tree this year that is not only more manageable (mine is really too big for the space), but also has a more realistic feel. What’s your favorite tree or Christmas shopping HQ?

2: The Cute Accessories

Whether it’s these darling little “winter” birds (as I like to call them) or fun seasonal pillows, there’s so much décor that goes beyond Christmas decorations or trees. I own several (maybe way too many?) of these bird figurines (I mean, look at the little cuties!), which are cute for small spaces (and come in a variety of “looks” for different styles); and love that these are actually pillow “covers” rather than pillows. It always annoys me to have to store seasonal pillows, but with these “traditional and fun” patterned covers, these elegant ‘snowflake’ stylings or this ‘Farmhouse’ collection, you can slip them over the couches usual pillows, and then neatly fold them for storage.

christmas decor guide
3: Décor for Trees

Of course, no matter what else, one must have some trimmings! Whether it be ornament sets or some garland, this is a must. I’m liking neutral, simple tones this year, and am especially drawn to the crisp clean look that is white décor. This wooden bead set (red, green, white) is fun, but if you like white, Target also has a clean, simple garland that I quite like.

4: Garland (and More!)

You can easily dress up a fireplace or empty shelf with a garland. There’s so many options whether it’s this almost “frosted” garland with red berries or this beautiful flocked one from Target. A wreath isn’t something I use much, but if I have space on a wall with family pictures, I’ll add one in the winter to get in on the festiveness. Like the garland, Target has a matching flocked version that’s 28” and quite pretty.

5: Miniature Trees

One of my favorite things to trend in the last five (more, less?) years is the bottle brush trees. They’re so very versatile. From using the small sizes to decorate a tablescape to grouping a bunch together on an empty ledge, they add cheer to any space. There’s a 24 piece set in the gold, green and cream color combo; this sparkly gold set of 48; or if you like tradition, there’s this simple 34-piece set of green trees! Target is also known for carrying a variety of these in fun and traditional colors of all shapes.

christmas decor guide
christmas decor guide
6: Twinkle All the Way

Of course, however you decorate, one of the musts (in my world!) is the use of twinkle lights. I use them on the tree (of course!), on the porch (sometimes in windows), garlands and wreaths or even hang them down empty walls. There’s 100-count green wire lights or if you, like me, have a light-colored wall, there’s a 100-count white wire set that’s ideal for this.

Some Amazon’s fun decor ideas and “themes” via the below page!

Christmas Decor 2019

Tell me, how do you decorate? Do you have any favorite items that you use time and again? Do you mix things up and add in new décor? What trends or colors do you like this year? Tell me all of your ‘Christmas décor guide’ tips and favorites. I’ve love to chat with you all.

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How I Decorate: A Simple and Sparkling Décor Guide. Talking about a few essentials and some new favorites in a 2019 Christmas Décor Guide. Txt © Rissi JC

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amateur graphic designer. confirmed bookaholic. bubbl’r enthusiast. critical thinker. miswesterner. social media coordinator. writer.

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  • Heidi Robbins November 27, 2019 at 12:54 AM

    I love those birds! They are adorable!

    • Rissi JC November 30, 2019 at 11:50 PM

      Aren’t they THE cutest?! :)

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