One Busy, but Happy Little Christmas To-Do List


Each and every year we have something in common, and each year, its daunting presence overwhelms us. Of course, we speak of one things that is a Christmas to-do list. If I were to go back in my archives, I suspect I’d find similar posts to this because every year I seem to put something like this together. It’s fair to say, we all have a list such as this. Sometimes it may just be a mental list, other times it may be an actual list, either way, one of THE best things about a to-do list is that we can cross things off.

LIST | Warm and Wonderful Winter Novels to Enjoy

We can all admit it here, that list can be quite long… and it has a knack for overwhelming the best of us. But, in this joyful season (of fun, twinkle lights family and giving), we should also remember that said to-do lists can be fun and festive – and we should work to make them precisely so.

Today, I thought I’d share my to-do list, and give you a peek into what I’ve yet to accomplish and what I already have (the ratio of which lends itself to more work over completed tasks).

One Busy, but Happy Little Christmas To-Do List

1: Create and Make Christmas Cards; Prepare to Mail

2: Purchase New Christmas Tree

3: Put Up Said Christmas Tree

4: String Outdoor Twinkle Lights

5: Find New Christmas Tree Décor

6: Decorate Christmas Tree

christmas to-do list

7: Bake and Decorate Sugar Cookies

8: Read (and Enjoy!) Seasonal Reads

I haven’t read all of the seasonal reads I’d like, but have read some to enjoy!

9: Participate in Tis-the-Season-a-Thon and Read Three Books

I’ve only read two, and feel uncertain I’ll finish the third, but hey, it’s been fun!

10: Hang Christmas Wreath

11: Begin Christmas Shopping (Although it’s Barely Started)

12: Complete Christmas Shopping

13: Decorate the Interior of the House

14: Decorate the Bookshelves

15: Wrap Aforementioned Christmas Gifts

16: Watch all the (or a Generous Number) Festive Christmas Movies

17: Film All the Seasonal Videos for Booktube

18: Edit Seasonal Videos

19: Prepare and Publish Seasonal Blog Posts

Like the prior task (edit videos), I have completed some of this, but not all, so it has to remain on this little check list.

20: Last, but Most Important, Enjoy the Season!

What about you, what makes your yearly Christmas to-do list? Have you checked it once (and twice!) to make sure you’re on schedule? Have you crossed all the things off your list? Comment all of your thoughts down below.

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One Busy, but Happy Little Christmas To-Do List. Talking through a few of the things on my Christmas to-do list. Text © Rissi JC

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    1. I *almost* skipped out on Christmas cards, and really should have. It’s one of those things I’ve toyed with giving up for the last 2-3 years, and haven’t yet. Definitely a Christmas tradition that’s no longer a “thing” in our society, but it’s for sure a lot of work. :) Hope you accomplish all of your Christmas to-do list goals, Heidi. :)

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