‘Charlie’s Angels’ (2019): This is the Female Led Adventure Re-Make


Remakes seem to be the “in” thing in Hollywood, and have for quite some time. Re-makes with an agenda may be less popular, but this 2019 version of Charlie’s Angels tries to capitalize on both. charlie’s angels (2019)

Charlie’s Angels (2019) Film Review

No mater one’s checkered past, you be might one of the lucky few to be an angel, or at least one of Charlie’s Angels, a mysterious benefactor swho takes on clients in need of a helping hand. His highly trained team is endless, crosses globes, and all of his angels, are women.

The latest case recruits two angels who worked together before (with mixed feelings). Sabine (Kristen Stewart) is brash, and something of a party girl. Jane (Ella Balinska) is former MI-6, and quite buttoned up, but when their meeting with Elena goes south, they must protect their client (Naomi Scott), hide from an aggressive assassin, and call in a ranking member to help – all while hopefully finding those who hunt them.

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Charlie's Angels (2019)
‘Charlie’s Angels’ (2019): This is the Female Led Adventure Re-Make. A review of the 2019 re-boot with Kristen Stewart. #CharliesAngels #KristenStewart #Movies Click To Tweet

This version of the cult classic show has a clear agenda, and it’s not to put any good light on the male gender. I’m one who believes that there can be a way of going about this whole agenda (if it’s your thing) – female empowerment – without belittling characters because of their sex. When it’s because the character is awful (no matter gender), I am all for a bad portrait, and well, to be honest, this is necessary. Still, this script comes across as very deliberate in its message. That said, these opinions are subjective. From an objective perspective, this is one of the better female-led finds I’ve seen. charlie’s angels (2019)

If you’re into that kind of movie, this does it right. Unlike the versions of the 2000s, this one keys down the cheesiness of the action sequences, which makes them a little less unbelievable; although there are still those “strike a pose” moments that just seem… wrong. But instead of consistency, these do coordinate to be more of a pulse-pounding exhilaration over goofy theatrics. That said, I don’t think I can say I love this version.

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What I do like about the earlier version is the cast. Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Lui just had that workable character chemistry that makes “popcorn flicks” so much fun. I like these characters well enough, but don’t really feel anything for them. Perhaps some of this is due to not being a fan of Kristen Stewart, but it is nice to see actresses like Naomi Scott (of Aladdin fame) make a name for herself. Plus it’s fun to see Noah Centineo (‘To All the Boys’) here too. charlie’s angels (2019)

In the end, this is cute, but nothing wonderful. If I had to guess, I’d say I still like the 2011 TV show better. It’s not what I wanted, but it’s got an entertainment value that I can appreciate.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
‘Charlie’s Angels’ (2019): This is the Female Led Adventure Re-Make. A review of Charlie's Angels (2019) with Kristen Stewart. Text © Rissi JC

Content: There’s plenty of innuendo (visual and dialogue), and the usual car chase, hand to hand combat scenes and explosions. There’s some profanity, too. The rating is PG-13.

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