A movie that lands with Amazon Prime, Five Blind Dates is without question a charming little romance that isn’t popular.

Five Blind Dates (2024) Film Review

Her grandmother was the most important person in her life. When she passed away, Lia (Shuang Hu) received a small inheritance which she uses to leave behind her small town and heads to Sydney. There she makes use of the inheritance and what her grandmother taught her to open a tea shop. Despite everyone wanting bubble tea, all Lia has is artisanal tea that pays homage to her history, but it may be that the only person this matters to is Lia. When she returns to her hometown to celebrate her sister’s upcoming marriage, Lia finds surprises await her.

After a fortune teller, as a part of her sister’s festivities, tells Lia that her work and love life are entangled she is challenged by her family to go on the five dates the fortune predicts will introduce her to her soulmate…


‘FIVE BLIND DATES’: A FUN LIGHTHEARTED ROMANCE SET IN AUSTRALIA. A #romance film on #AmazonPrime that is all the cute things. #Movies #RomCom #Romantic #RomanticComedy Click To Tweet
‘FIVE BLIND DATES’: A FUN LIGHTHEARTED ROMANCE SET IN AUSTRALIA. A cute romantic comedy about mishaps, dating and family. Text © RissiWrites.com

This film is all the things charming and sweet. I love that its set in Australia and that even as a typical romantic set up, yes, there is still fun. The dates and funny mishaps Lia goes through is what makes everything entertaining. I like some of the guys and the cute, sometimes unexpected moments between them. If user ratings are an indication, this one isn’t one people like, but Five Blind Dates is fun in an unmemorable kind of way, by which I mean, it isn’t unique.

While the cast is new to the genre, at least to me they are, I like them and think Shuang Hu is good as the lead. There’s a fun rapport with everyone, and even though there is the normal we “know” how it will all end scenario, seeing Lia figure it out and work through is still a cute process that ends up being good for her. There’s the usual family drama and complications also playing into the script, too. The script goes a little too extreme with its meltdowns, but they are also comical, and at least come after an event that deserves an emotional reaction.

Ultimately while the film is about romance, yes, mostly it’s about healing and finding those broken wounds. Probably something that isn’t to receive hype or much interest, Five Blind Dates is cute.

You can stream Five Blind Dates on Prime


‘FIVE BLIND DATES’: A FUN LIGHTHEARTED ROMANCE SET IN AUSTRALIA. A cute romantic comedy about mishaps, dating and family. Text © RissiWrites.com

Content: a woman gets blindly drunk during a party when she doesn’t want to cope with her past. There are questions about whether she sleeps with someone the morning after (they didn’t). Someone proposes a relationship that isn’t exclusive. If it bothers you, there is a character who likes the same sex and refers to a “gay jesus.” Five Blind Dates is PG-13.

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