‘Murder at the Flamingo’: A Fun 1930s Whodunit


Murder at the Flamingo by Rachel McMillan | Book Review

STORY: For some time now, Hamish DeLuca lives in the shadow of the doors his father opens for him. Though well meaning, his dad doesn’t seem to believe Hamish can overcome his anxiety, and accomplish things on his own two feet. Today, Hamish learns his father again interferes, and he’s done. He packs up his things along with the knowledge of his hard earned law degree, and leaves Toronto for Boston.

There he meet up with his cousin, Luca, a man busy preparing for his new swanky club’s opening. Unsure what of this new place and where he fits in it, the presence of Regina “Reggie” Van Burren makes things better. But when a suspicious murder takes place and things quickly escalate, even putting Luca in a suspicious light, it soon becomes clear, Hamish’s cousin is hiding something.

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murder at the flamingo

REVIEW: Anyone who enjoys a solid little mystery is sure to find fun in these pages. Set in the dazzling world of the late 1930s, this novel introduces us to a second generation of sleuthers in a “jazz” age that puts Rachel McMillan’s unique characters in a colorful world, and the pace keeps up a good footing as it hops right into the primary setting.

To be honest, I often found myself distracted while reading this, which I think is because I made myself read this in a kind of time crunch situation and that’s never a good things; that’s not how I read or at least not well. That said, I really enjoyed the “Herringford and Watts” books, so of course, I was thrilled to learn the song of one of those character would get his own story.

Boston is one of the author’s favorite cities, so like anything, she pens, the setting of this story has its own “sense of place” like each character have their place and role. Hamish and Reggie are cute together and to prove this, we get some really cute scenes between them.

If you like this author’s earlier works or any 1930s era historical, then this just might be the book of your bookworm dreams.

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Author: Rachel McMillan
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: 2018
Source: Bought
Genre: Fiction; Historical
Series: A Van Buren and DeLuca Mystery, Book One
Find the Book Elsewhere: Amazon | Goodreads
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Rating: ★★★

‘Murder at the Flamingo’: A Fun 1930s Whodunit. A book review of the Thomas Nelson fiction novel by Rachel McMillan. Text © Rissi JC

CONTENT: There’s talk of a murder and an investigation that comes from this, there may be some minor innuendo, but this is a clean read.

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