Fan Girl Talk: Ranking the 2018 Hallmark Christmas Romances


Today’s booktube post is a little different than our usual landscape. Instead of all the bookish talk, I’m talking about another of my fangirl obsessions: Hallmark Christmas movies. ranking the 2018 hallmark christmas romances

Instead of reviewing any or talking about my favorites (though I have many of these), the direction I instead take is to rank their 2018 Christmas originals. This is an idea I had early on during their Countdown to Christmas campaign, but hadn’t filmed. When I finally did pick the filming day, it was a bit of a rough journey to filming completion. But you know what they say, third times a charm. In this case, it was certainly true.

Below I list the Hallmark films I’ve seen (plus the two I forgot to mention in the video – I knew this would happens). If you’re interested to know more – and how I rank these, I have reviews for most of these, plus of course, I talk about each one a bit in the video*. ranking the 2018 hallmark christmas romances

There are more 2018 premieres to come, so these rankings may very well change but as of today, this is where all my fan girl opinions stand.

With that said, let’s have a look at the 15+ Hallmark originals I’ve seen this year (so far!)

*Note: since publishing this, we no longer maintain or have a video channel which means our videos are no longer available to see.

Ranking the 2018 Hallmark Christmas Romances

Christmas Wonderland | Ranking the 2018 Hallmark Christmas Romances
A #blogpost in which I rank the 2018 (so far!) #HallmarkChristmasMovies. Fan Girl Talk: Ranking the 2018 Hallmark Christmas Romances - which ones are your favorites? #Hallmarkies Click To Tweet

1: Christmas at Graceland | 2: Christmas at Pemberley Manor | 3: Christmas at the Palace | 4: Christmas In Love | 5: Christmas Joy | 6: Hope at Christmas | 7: It’s Christmas, Eve | 8: Last Vermont Christmas | 9: A Majestic Christmas | 10: Mingle All the Way | 11: Once Upon a Christmas Miracle | 12: Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe | 13: Road to Christmas | 14: A Shoe Addict’s Christmas | 15: Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas | 16: A Veteran’s Christmas | 17: Welcome to Christmas

I’ve also seen (at the time of this writing) Memories of Christmas, and Christmas Wonderland, both of which I’d probably rank somewhere in my top 6!

Tell me, which of these have you seen? How would you rank them? Do you watch Christmas movies? Did you blog about Hallmark this year? Tell me all the thoughts down below. I’d love to chat with you. ranking the 2018 hallmark christmas romances

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  1. While I technically have only seen three of the films on your list and an additional two to make it five in total so far (I am SO behind!), as it stands now, I would say my top three favourites are definitely Once Upon a Christmas Miracle, A Godwink Christmas, and It’s Christmas, Eve. However, I am very much looking forward to immersing myself in the worlds of all the ones still on my list, with Mingle All The Way, Hope at Christmas, A Veteran’s Christmas and Christmas At Pemberley Manor right at the top of the pile.

    The ones I’m most excited for that are still to air are Entertaining Christmas, Small Town Christmas, and Northern Lights of Christmas (I’ve actually already slightly ‘met’ the lead couple in this film on the page, having read the last instalment in the series the book this film is based on belongs to, and so am a little anxious, and a lot pumped to watch them come to life on my screen!!) Which remaining magical Hallmark holiday films are you most looking forward to?

    1. Hi, Kristy!! I’m always so glad to get your perspective. Did you see the others you were excited about? I’ll confess I really liked Small Town Christmas cliches and all. It’s just too cute. Haven’t seen Ashley’s new on yet or ‘Godwink Christmas’ though I hear the latter is well liked. :)

      I was really anticipating ‘Small Town’ and also Christmas Bells Are Ringing, which is one I haven’t yet seen.

      Thanks so much for sharing your so-far favorites.

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