Month in Review: March 2020 Updates, News + #Booktube Talk


Hey, hey! Welcome back everyone. Here we go. Another 30 days have come and gone and we’re set to enter month THREE (WHAAAT??) of 2020. Welcome, readers. The first of a new month comes to Finding Wonderland with the usual:  another installment of ‘Month in Review March 2020.’

DISCUSSION | Five of the Happy Signs You’re a Book Nerd

I’m keeping to my commitment (mostly because I had so many seasonal rom-coms I wanted to cover) to publish something new every day, and I did for quite some time. In this New Year, I am keeping up with this trend, but we shall see how long this lasts. As I ask each “month in review,” do make sure to share some of your favorite discoveries in the comments – or what you’re looking for from bloggers; is there a topic, trend, niche or anything goes you’re looking to see more of?

Ciao, March 2020. Bonjour, April 2020!

Let’s do this!!

Month in Review March 2020 Recap

Monthly Chat

1: Booktube | I filmed a video the other day that really had no purpose (a tag, haul, etc.), but I had SO much fun with it. It feels as though it’s been way too long since I filmed something other than a book haul, so it felt good to find a new video. Have you ever “re-discovered” something you enjoy?

2: Lists | Already asked this for the past two “month in review” posts, but I want to ask ya’ again: I’ve been very into creating lists. I used to do this off and on over these many years I’ve been blogging, but it’s been more recently that I’ve really enjoyed it all the more. Tell me, what kinds of lists – or blog content in general, are you most looking for?

3: NEW PERIOD DRAMA & TV BINGE | So… March brought with it the arrival of the feature length Miss Fisher movie, and if you haven’t seen it, you must. It’s a fun time with plenty of adventure. If you haven’t seen it, it’s now on Acorn TV’s streaming service or to purchase (digitally) on Amazon Video.

My mom and I also binge-watched CBS’ summer show (yes, I know, we’re way behind the times) Blood & Treasure, and goodness, isn’t it a fun time?

4: Updates and Re-Formats | At least once a week I’ve been re-publishing some old reviews and giving them a “re-fresh” with new photos, which also includes some edits and re-formats to fit in with my current theme/format preferences. It’s a daunting task, but I’m hoping this is a way to update SEO’s so that it’s not quite as overwhelming (i.e., publishing one once or twice a week) while also cleaning up some old posts and giving them updated information. How do you “spring clean” your websites?

»Favorite Blog Posts«

(Blog posts that, while not necessarily the most popular, were fun to write)

⇉ THROWBACK FAVORITES | aka the section in which we take a peek at what I was writing about or posting this time last year.

1: A Brush with Love – When Art Becomes Love Language

2: Dumbo (2019) – A Story That Teaches of Courage and Hope

3: Flip That Romance – A Second Chance In Need of TLC

4: Hanna: Episode One – Amazon Prime’s Latest Thriller

Hanna (2019): Episode One
Legally Blonde 2

5: Legally Blonde – A ‘Perfect Day’ Girl Power Comedy

» Monthly Popular Posts | March 2020 «

»Popular Posts the Week of March 24 – 30 «

»Finding Wonderland on Booktube | March 2020 «

»Books Read | March 2020 «

Another month comes to its close, and with it another Finding Wonderland “wrap up.” Tell me, did you discover any AMAZING new books? Bloggers? Booktubers? Bookstagram accounts? I’d love to “meet” these new accounts and the people behind them if so. Tell me about them or the books you’ve read… or anything goes.

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  1. My mum and I also started watching Blood and Treasure together just a few months ago, but stopped at about Ep 4 or 5 & haven’t gotten around to picking it back up again yet; thanks for the reminder to do so, as we LOVED it too; SO cheesy in the best possible way, genuinely hilarious, and I gotta say, I am COMPLETELY in love with the chemistry between Danny and Lexi ? I also heard awhile ago that Season 2 has been green-lit; fingers and toes crossed that that still goes ahead!!

    1. It IS all the things in the best possible ways. ;) I was actually REALLY impressed with the Danny/Lexi dynamic. I appreciated it in many way that I don’t know how to express; oftentimes guys are SO easily swayed by their ex, and here, I felt as it they were on equal footing, and I respect this SO much. Hope S2 continues on the same path. Hope you enjoy the rest of this if/when you see it, Kirsty! :)

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