‘Private Eyes,’ Season One Review: A Fun Time


While I watch a good share of crime dramas some of my favorite TV shows are those that incorporate a mystery and good comedy. The Canadian show Private Eyes, season one accomplishes this, but it also uses the playbook of another popular TV show; and I couldn’t be happier.

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The story follows Matt Shade (Jason Priestly), an ex-NHL player who’s still riding his career as a scout. This includes a young man with raw talent sure to sign a big contract. But then during a game, he collapses on the ice in what is a career altering diagnoses. This leads Matt to investigate what causes an otherwise healthy young man to suffer a heart condition, unaware that his father has already engaged the professional services of a P.I.

Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson) carries on the legacy of her father’s investigative firm. What doesn’t interest her is the tagalong services of Matt Shade, a man she believes she has all figured out. But as Matt stubbornly sticks around, Angie must learn how to work this investigation with a tagalong, and discovers he may actually have a few investigative tricks…

Private Eyes, Season One (2017) TV Review

‘Private Eyes,’ Season One Review: A Fun Time. Reviewing Jason Priestley's Private Eyes, season one from CBS. All text © Rissi JC

The top thing I look out for in any new TV commitment I make is how entertaining it is. Usually this means something that is a drama, but also appreciates the art of some well-placed banter. This isn’t always true however, proof of which being my once upon a time binge of old 24 seasons or my on-again, off-again addiction of The Blacklist. With origins in Canada, I’d read about Private Eyes quite a long time ago, but only recently bought the pilot to give a chance, remembering it’d been something I was curious about.

What I discovered is a supremely entertaining show that reminds me, in so many ways, of ABC’s Castle. Though it’s been done for a while now, Castle is one of those shows that made us bite our nails, cry, and swoon. But primarily it made us laugh. This is what Private Eyes does as well. It’s imperfect yes, but the hate to love (?) relationship that begins between its protagonists reminds me of Kate Beckett (albeit an NYPD detective and not a P.I.) and Richard Castle (a NYT best-selling author instead of a sports star).

Like any good, likable show does, this one features characters to root for. We love Matt, and realize he isn’t a stereotype early on (no matter how cliché, I always appreciate this). Then there’s Angie, the polar opposite of him with her messy, tomboy ways. Oh, and the Castle similarities continue with a supportive father (in the ABC comedy it was as supportive mother) and a fifteen-year-old daughter who’s Matt’s world. Her S1 story is a compelling one as is her character.

If you like other lighter cop dramas (like The Good Cop or other compatible shows) then this is a wonderful addition to your favorites.


‘Private Eyes,’ Season One Review: A Fun Time. Reviewing Jason Priestley's Private Eyes, season one from CBS. All text © Rissi JC
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Content: this has a TV-14 rating for sexual content (innuendo mostly); and some “tense” moments while investigating.

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