‘Love, Guaranteed’: A Flawed but Fun Netflix Rom-Com


Since the release of Set it Up, I’ve been on the pro side of please-make-more-rom-coms-Netflix. Those I’ve seen (from comedies to seasonal) have been fun and so adorable. Plus, they can boast some pretty popular names, too. Their latest, Love, Guaranteed is something that throws in some flaws (including a trope no-no for me), but it’s still pretty fun.

Love, Guaranteed (2020) Netflix Review

Fighting for the little guy is what Susan Whittaker (Rachael Leigh Cook) does best. Trouble is, in doing so, she doesn’t get paid (and so her bills continue to pile up!). Her latest client is unexpected, but looking to sue a popular dating app. You see, they claim they can guarantee love, but given his vast experience with the app, he doesn’t buy it.

Nick Evans (Damon Wayans Jr.) has been on nearly 1,000 dates. In all those interactions, he can find no one to connect with; no one that will guarantee love. This brings him to attorney Susan’s door, setting into motion a lawsuit with consequences (perhaps not all bad!) neither one expects.

I’m a bit of a romantic comedy addict. I love a good one, but the last I can remember seeing on the big screen is Crazy Rich Asians. A bright, romantic, fun and easy to like comedy that sparkles with the kind of colorful personality one would expect from the promotional material. Since I haven’t found a sufficient genre “fix” at the box office, we must rely on streaming services like Netflix to fill in the gaps. As already said, so far, they’re doing a five-star job.

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‘Love, Guaranteed’: A Flawed but Fun Netflix Rom-Com. Reviewing the 2020 Netflix original with Rachael Leigh Cook. © Rissi JC

Love, Guaranteed is another title that is an easy re-watch anytime we want something to make us smile. I do find flaws with a couple of the production qualities, namely in the courtroom staging and also the declaration-in-front-of-a-crowd bit. This is a rom-com favorite, but one I personally don’t care for. It never ceases to come across as awkward. (Unless the script goes for the secret message method, which this does not.)

The cast is good, and adding another bright spot is Susan’s co-workers who provide comedy. There’s also a better romance movie timeline in this one over the normal two-week time slot the couple is supposed to “fall in love” during. Rachael is also funny in any of these types of films, and those who watch the Hallmark network will recognize her from many of their originals.

In the end, this is just a fun, easy-going flick that’s perfect to enjoy with a big bowl of popcorn. It’s got all the right elements to be mindless, and all I can say is, please Netflix, produce more like this.


‘Love, Guaranteed’: A Flawed but Fun Netflix Rom-Com. Reviewing the 2020 Netflix original with Rachael Leigh Cook. © Rissi JC
‘Love, Guaranteed’: A Flawed but Fun Netflix Rom-Com. Reviewing the 2020 Netflix original with Rachael Leigh Cook. #Netflix #LoveGuaranteed #Movies #CleanRomance Click To Tweet

Content: Apart form some minor innuendo and maybe a mild profanity or two, this one is clean. It’s TV-PG.

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  1. I thought this one was cute – I’m used to seeing Damon Wayans Jr. acting a little more wacky, so it was nice to see him a little more “serious.”

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