Discovering a Box of Happy Childhood Years Dreams


Lately I’ve been feeling nostalgic. This past winter, I painted my room, and while going through the task, a lot must be done. I had to remove everything from the walls (good-bye movie posters), take books off shelves (this is NO insignificant task) and move every piece of furniture into the spare room where most of it still sits packed like sardines. One night in the last week, I sat down to look through a box attempting to find something and instead of focusing on that, I realized something; contained within that box were so many things. Things of childhood. Birthday cards, framed photos, old watches and dozens of glow-in-the-dark stars, something that once cluttered my ceiling. While looking through the box, it struck me that by undertaking the task, in some small way these pieces are a box of childhood dreams. 

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Boxed into that small container of square cardboard are so many memories, full of things long past. These moments of my life seems somehow, so far away now. Evoking more memories of times when I’d be at my besties (cousins) home where suggestions of a band were made or we hung out in the backyard on the trampoline. We are all now adults who still dream, but in those teenage talks, we would giggle about the impossibility of adult responsibility.

All of these things come flooding back as I searched through this box. It’s a feeling that makes me nostalgic, but also grateful for these days. Grateful for the things in these careless days. They were days of dreams, yes, but also days that formed us as people and who we’d be as adults.

Dreams are good for the soul. We need them. And there is nothing wrong with them. In my experience, my best way to experience dreams is to enjoy the idea of them, and remembering them, but recognize what is in the here and now. These moments, whether they’re in a box or still being lived, are what brings us to our dreams of today.

Keep a part of that little girl inside you – never lose it, childhood innocence is so fleeting. For all you hairbrush singers and dreamers, just remember to enjoy today. It may seem far from what you think you want, but it’s precious in its own right.

Aspire to match those dreams. Dream hard, but we all need to reminders to live in the moment; to be satisfied and happy in this colorful life we enjoy. ❤

Does anything ever remind you of childhood; do you have anything like a ‘box of childhood dreams’ from years past? What’s your favorite nostalgic memory? Comment all of your thoughts below.

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Discovering a Box of Happy Childhood Years Dreams. Going through a box of childhood dreams. All text © Rissi JC /
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This is a repurposed publication from May 28 2013; edits have been made and this is a re-format.

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  1. haahaha cheer up there are still plenty of us in our late 20s/ early 30s with no immediate prospects of marriage. you say soon you'll be marrying, you might be able to keep your freedom a while longer :)

    1. Oh, never fear, Rachel, I am not one of those girls who frets over having not yet met Prince Charming. I believe there is PLENTY of time left and golly, have I finally met someone who agrees with me on this!? ;)

      For sure I feel like I have a lot left to learn and "enjoy" before marriage. If I met someone tomorrow whom I liked, I wouldn't be opposed to dating him but that being said, I don't feel like I *need* to be married just because everyone around me may be tying the knot. Never have been – I don't like that sense of "desperation"; that frame of mind becomes a warning sign to me. Are girls marrying just for security? Or just for the joy of planning a wedding? It needs to be for all the right reasons.

      In mentioning marriage, I just meant that I know girls who are planning weddings and these are girls I grew up with. It's just weird to think we've come this far – ten years ago we couldn't imagine the days when we'd become "adults" and be thinking about marriage because truth be known, we thought we were "grown up" in many ways. How wrong we were. ;)

  2. This is fabulous and poignant, Rissi. I'm a big believer in outrageous dreams…as anyone who knows me can attest to. But there is also something beautiful about finding that balance of living in the present and loving life as it is right now while also living with hopeful expectation of what's to come.

    1. I'm a big believer in outrageous dreams…as anyone who knows me can attest to. But there is also something beautiful about finding that balance of living in the present and loving life as it is right now while also living with hopeful expectation of what's to come.

      How poignant and well said this^ is, Melissa! Thanks for sharing that – I love how you put that and summed up your thoughts. Sometimes life becomes "difficult" and I think in that frame of mind we forget all of the blessings we do have and living in the present seems less "good" or happy despite it being our reality as we "lose" ourselves in what we once dreamed could be real. Sometimes dreams are just beyond our reach.

      Appreciate your wise insight and lovely comments – always, Melissa. :)

  3. A lovely post. Daydreaming can be so pleasant, and yet so dangerous. It can make me so focused and so unhappy about what I do not have that I forget what I do have. How the little beauties that God has given me can be lost in my hopeful thoughts. Sure, reality is not me being the most loved person in the world, and it's not getting everything I want, but I don't really need those things. I may not be what I am in my dreams, but I am loved, and that is much to be thankful for.


    1. Hey, Grace, thank you for reading this and for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it and enjoy getting others perspectives.

      Daydreaming is fun and I have nothing against it – goodness, I am certainly an offender of it myself. That being said I agree, there is a danger to it if carried to far – if we convince ourselves it can be "reality."

      Your last line is true. Well said.

  4. Great post, Rissi! Definitely appreciate all you said. You always seem to have a way with words. A way that strips through all the glamor and goes straight to my heart. :)

    Dreams. They are a wonderful thing indeed! I've had many through the years just like you. And they've definitely changed the older I've gotten. Maybe it was hitting 30, but something struck me about myself the last couple years. I have these ideas of what I'd like to do and where I'd like to be, but so often (entirely too often!) I let my fear get in the way. 11 years ago, it was a big adventure and nothing to be worried about when I decided to move 3000 miles from my family. Now though? If I were to try the same thing? Oh my goodness, that's scary! And I also find even small change can cause a little voice of fear to pop up in my head. My point is, fear has become more of feature in my life as I've gotten older. A feature I'd really like to get rid of. But dreams? I don't want rid of those! So I need to find the balance between having dreams and reaching out to grab them when the time is right and leaving fear far behind! :)

    Guess I kinda got away from the point of your post, didn't I? :/

    1. I think just living life kind of "scares" us, Kara and as a result, the older we get, the more daunting changes are. (If that makes any sense!) For example, my cousin (she's 22) is very nonchalant about going off to school and leaving home. She thinks all she needs is a backpack full of necessities and she'll be set. Much as I love her, she's wrong. There is more involved than just getting in the car and… leaving. Me, I love little changes (a new haircut, new décor) but like you, big ones terrify me. This is where it's fun to dream. Plus there is no fear involved, right!? ;)

      I like how you related your comment to this post – and you didn't get away from the topic AT ALL! Very nicely put, Kara.

      Thanks for reading.

  5. I went through this when we did our move last year. Oh, the memories. For the longest time I wanted to be a music artist. lol My, how things change!

    May I join you under the Eiffel tower? Sounds magical. :D

    1. That's right! Totally forgot you moved last year – it is quite the process isn't it, Rosie!? Most of my belongings are still stuffed into that spare room and yeah, it's overwhelming. Needless to say, I need to get to it.

      When I was young, I wanted to be a figure skater (go figure since I have never worn a pair of skates!) and I loved to sing so I likely wouldn't have minded being a music artist either. Oh, the innocence of childhood. :)

      Absolutely! Let's plan a trip. :)

  6. Wonderful post!

    I have such a hard time finding that perfect balance between dreaming and being content in the present. I keep thinking, "If only I had/did this, life would be easier". Those little moments get away all too quickly, and I wish I'd treasured them more.

    I completely agree, though! Everyone should keep a part of that little girl inside them!! :)

    1. Hey, Bluerose – thank you for reading and stopping by! Appreciate that. :)

      There is a balance to it. I haven't found it yet but I know that we do too often forget to love the blessings we do have. It's all a learning process and sadly (as you say), life travels by at an alarming rate. That is part of the reason we do "let go" of those treasured moments or forget them in the puzzle of life. So long as we keep progressing and learning, it's worth it. :)

      It's fun to remember childhood and that sense of nostalgia. :)

  7. Beautiful post Rissi. I was thinking about pretty much the same thing the other day. What fun dreams are, and what sparkle and beauty they add to life. :) Thanks for being such a faithful reader to such an unfaithful reader! Love your blog always! :)

    1. Thank you for reading, Micah! Dreams are fun. I appreciate your comment(s) and all your lovely support. Means a lot. :)

      Dreams are the spontaneity of life. And yes, dreams sparkle! It's always good to hold on to them because of that.

      Hey, I don't consider you unfaithful – every comment you leave I enjoy reading and am delighted to see your smiling face more often in this world. Welcome back!

  8. I just wrote to my cousin who is in the hospital. It was a nostalgic look back at summers at our grandma’s. Such a long time ago.

      1. Thanks Rissi, I’m afraid she has taken a turn for the worse.
        I’m very glad she is a Christian and her brother and sister in law are with her.

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