‘On the 12th Date of Christmas’: A Super Fun RomCom with Games!


Any kind of TV Christmas romance that features something a little bit different is one I usually enjoy. This Hallmark original is one such film. on the 12th date of christmas

On the 12th Date of Christmas (2020) Hallmark TV Film Review

When one of the biggest potential client accounts of their gaming company’s career lands on the desk of Aiden (Tyler Hynes) and his co-worker, the pair sets out to impress. But unfortunately his partner must leave the account when his wife goes into labor. This leaves Aiden without a partner. Creative and eager to learn, Jennifer (Mallory Jansen) happens to be available and so, their boss puts her on the account last minute.

Together, these two incompatible creators must find a way to create a kind of scavenger hunt app that will please the client and be fun for participants!

I don’t know if this will be a favorite of 2020 (right now its high up there, but it’s early days), but I really enjoy this type of plot because it’s a departure from most of the scripts we see on this network. For me, early though it is, this is one of the best Christmas movies I’ve enjoyed.

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To start, I really like the profession these two have. It’s not something I have interest in, but it makes the plot more interesting to see them as professionals where most movies of the genre go a “safe” route with a profession, this one has something more unique and I love this. I love the creativity of it, and the fun “opposites” way Aiden and Jennifer work. It makes for that really fun kind of “discord” we love in our romantic-comedies.

Speaking of that discord, these two have the best banter. I love Hynes “dry wit” kind of affect and Jansen is charming in her first Hallmark original role. If you recognize her, it’s from TV productions like Young and Hungry, Galavant or Shooter. All that said, I feel as though this is going to be 2020’s Christmas at the Plaza which is a title that I’ll be in the minority liking.

In the end, On the 12th Date of Christmas is, plain and simple, a fun and really good time. I enjoy its premise, the cast and the “I like you” (but still swoony) moment versus a more unrealistic alternative. This is, without question, a charming and satisfying TV film that is full of festiveness and of course, a sweet little romance.


‘On the 12th Date of Christmas’: A Super Fun RomCom with Games! A review of the 2020 Hallmark movie with Tyler Hynes. Text © Rissi JC
‘On the 12th Date of Christmas’: A Super Fun RomCom with Games! A review of the 2020 Hallmark movie with Tyler Hynes. #Hallmarkies #Hallspark #ChristmasMovies #RomCom #WhattoWatch @HallmarkChannel Click To Tweet

Content Note: Nothing that would bother any potential viewers.

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