‘Blended’: A Funny Vacation Rom-Com


No matter what I see Drew Barrymore in, she is always girl-next-door charming. In Blended, she plays Lauren Reynolds, a recently divorced mom of two with a lot on her plate. Between her hyper organized personality, running a company, an annoying ex, and trying to keep her boys on track, she’s too busy for much else. One bad blind date later, and she knows she’s best by herself.

Jim (Adam Sandlder) doesn’t know how to date. His attempt at it doesn’t get off to a good start with Lauren in his first, second or third meeting. Still, somehow, their two families end up on the same African vacation where things get even more interesting…!

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‘Blended’: A Funny Vacation Rom-Com. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler re-team ("50 First Dates") for this 2014 comedy. #Comedy #Movies #Funny #WhattoWatch Click To Tweet

There’s a lot of mischief and mayhem in this comedy. Most of which is quite fun. One reason why this is so is the adventurous setting. This one really “explores” a lot of miles with its spring break trip. This gives the film some pretty scenery, though I could do without some of the crude animal humor and the random song outbreaks that accompany this.

Beyond this, Blended is a good time. The kids play their parts well and I like that they are all pretty distinct personalities. It’s also sweet to see Lauren play a role in these girls’ lives without it being some big dramatic “you’re not my mother” scenario. It’s just way more pleasant and easy to root for in this version of reality.

Drew is her usual fabulous self; she has natural instincts and I think this is key when it comes to performing comedy. I’m not an Adam Sandler fan to be honest, but do have to admit, he’s good in what I’ve seen him in. Plus, considering this is the third pair up between these two actors, I’d say the assumption is audiences do like them together.

If you enjoy a fun romantic-comedy that’s a bit different than the norm, Blended is sure to hit all of the check marks.


‘Blended’: A Funny Vacation Rom-Com. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler re-team ("50 First Dates") for this 2014 comedy. All text © Rissi JC

Content: There’s crude humor (often relating to animals) plus references to a teenager having porn/suggestive publications; and some sexual innuendo/content. Commonplace profanity is also present. The film is PG-13

Photos: Happy Madison Productions / Warner Bros.

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