I’m definitely one of “those” girls. The kind of girl who loves a good romantic-comedy. I love the wit and banter; the brush of hands; the eye connection; and of course, any kind of “grand” gesture. It’s all just perfectly lovely. I’m also a girl who loves a good white knuckle action flick, but as this is the month of love, discussing some of our favorite romantic comedy movies seems more in line with the theme.


Like any kind of list we curate, we try and offer a variety of inspiration and styles of films. For example, below you’ll see some titles that are small budget and therefore cannot compete in the production department with bigger box office releases. That said, sometimes those box office films are too fun to ignore whereas the smaller Indie films have lots of heart. Since I am also really into creating these lists, and I’m 100% sure (because I did double check) that I published a list similar to this last year, I’m going to try to share different titles, but as sometimes this is not always possible, let me tell you, this may not be practical.

So with tall that said, as we approach Valentine’s Day, let’s have a look at the 2021 version of favorite romantic comedies (of which I have many!).


Sorted from A-Z

1: 13 Going on 30

13 going on 30

Cannot remember when first I saw this one, but I adore this Jennifer Garner film; it’s the very definition of nostalgic charm (about a 13-year-old girl who makes a wish to be 30 only to skip her entire growing up experiences when the wish comes true), and I’ve watched it numerous times.

2: 27 Dresses

15+ FAVORITE “STAY IN” ROMANTIC COMEDY MOVIES TO WATCH! Sharing a list of 15+ favorite romantic comedy movies! What are yours? Text © Rissi JC

I can’t not include this one because I’ve watched it SO many times. Basically, I just love it.

3: An Ideal Husband

Putting this one on this list may be unorthodox since it’s not really a romantic-comedy…? I don’t have any idea, all I know is this one IS hilarious and I’m including it because it feels like it may have been one of the first “adult” romance (comedy?) that I actually watched. Plus, in general, the movie is fabulous and will make you swoon more than once.

4: Austenland

I often feel as though my moviegoer tastes are being judged when I talk about this film. Don’t know why, though I suspect it’s in my head. Either way, I adore this film and like anything I place it on a list, I’m reminded, YET AGAIN, that it’s been way too long since I watched it.

5: The Bachelor (1999)

This is one I NEVER see on lists. But then, that’s probably just because I don’t look them up. That said, this film featuring Chris O’Donnell (NCIS: LA) with Renee Zellweger is ALL KINDS OF CUTE! I love it so much. Chris plays a wealthy bachelor who inherits a fortune only to find there’s a SMALL clause; he must marry by his 30th birthday AND remain so for ten years or he gets nothing.

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6: Crazy Rich Asians

15 Characters That Will Make an Impression

For this publication, I really did want to focus on films that I’ve seen time and time again, and really liked. I have not watched this one time and again, but do really like the film. The book is a different story, but this film, it’s solid.

7: The Holiday

This one may be set over the Christmas season, but I cannot let this list be dubbed complete without adding this; the plot follows two unhappy in love women who swap homes and lives over Christmas.

8: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This film is one that gets a lot of hate, but for some reason I like it. It’s about a guy who bets he can get a girl to fall in love with him in, you guessed it, 10 days, all while unaware the girl is using him for an article. Funny thing is, there are also cleaner romances out there that have a similar vibe.

9: The Importance of Being Earnest

From the same author (Oscar Wilde) as An Ideal Husband, this period drama comedy features Colin Firth in a romance of mistaken identity.

10: In-Lawfully Yours

I cannot tell you how MUCH my mother and I laughed while watching this film. It’s a hidden gem kind of film (judging by reviews, I’m not alone in this) that also acts as a kind of inspirational Christian romance. The humor is fabulous and the story is unique in that it features a love story between an almost-divorced woman and her husband’s former brother-in-law.

11: Laws of Attraction

Love this hilarious hate-to-love romance with Pierce Bronson and Julianne Moore, both of whom play VERY different attorneys.

12: Never Been Kissed

Silver Petticoat Update, Edition One

It may be an old film, quite dated by fashion and other things, but this Drew Barrymore comedy is all about nostalgia for me! I adore it so much. Barrymore plays a mousy reporter looking to make a name for herself and so she’s assigned an “undercover” job going back to high school as a student.

13: The Prince and Me

The number of times I’ve seen this one is unknown. But again, I love it; Julia Stiles plays a college student who is courted (unbeknownst to her!) by a real-life prince.

14: The Proposal

This is a newer title compared to some of my all-time favorite “nostalgic” films, but this still feels as though it falls into that category, perhaps because I’ve watched it a million and one times. Either way, I love this film about a hard-nosed boss (Sandra Bullock) who forces her hardworking assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to pretend to be her fiancé when her Canadian visa is threatened.

15+ FAVORITE “STAY IN” ROMANTIC COMEDY MOVIES TO WATCH! Sharing a list of favorite romantic comedy movies! What are yours? #FavoriteMovies #Movies #HappyMovies #WhattoWatch #RomanticComedy #Romance Click To Tweet

15: Set it Up

Pretty sure I mention this EVERY single chance I get. This Netflix film is even one I’d buy on DVD (or whatever version is currently cool). It’s a super fun adult romantic-comedy about two overworked assistants who conspire to set up their bosses, only to find they may be match-making themselves. Yeah. Like I said. It’s cute. Stream Set It Up on Netflix

16: Sweet Home Alabama

All of the nostalgia feels is where my love for this one stems from.

17: The Wedding Planner

Jennifer Lopez is good in anything I’ve seen her in, but this might be my favorite. It’s sweet and fun, and all kinds of swoony, too.

18: While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping

No list of Finding Wonderland favorite romantic comedies would be complete without this gem of a classic. Sandra Bullock is gold in this 90s romance about a woman who is mistaken as the fiancée of a man she rescues from the train tracks.


he's just not that into you
  • EMMA (1996) – This isn’t my most favorite version of Emma, but it’s definitely the most “romcom” like; plus it’s also the one I have seen the most since it’s the first version I saw
  • ENCHANTED – Disney nostalgia, and I cannot apologize for that
  • THE DUFF – Fun, sassy and full of lessons of finding yourself
  • FALLING INN LOVE – Cute, simple and romantic; this Netflix title is a fun (and clean!) one
  • HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU – I don’t know why I like this one so well, but I do
  • LEAP YEAR – Fun, and swoony, a road trip romance that has Discovery of Witches Matthew Goode
  • LOVE, GUARANTEED – Another Netflix feature with Rachel Leigh Cook and Damon Waynas Jr.
  • MUSIC AND LYRICS – I do adore this comedy with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant
  • PRETTY WOMAN – This one is quite inappropriate (probably one of the ONLY R-rated films I watch), but there’s also something wonderfully heartwarming about it
  • PRINCESS DIARIES 2: A ROYAL ENGAGEMENT – Another Disney favorite!
  • TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE – Sweet and “old fashioned”
  • TWO WEEKS NOTICE – Another Sandra Bullock title. Her movies are just hilarious
  • WARM BODIES – Judge me if you must, but this zombie romance is cuute


These aren’t favorites in the way some of the other titles I list are, but they’re cute and deserve a shout-out.

  • 1: 50 First Dates – This isn’t an all-time favorite, but I adore the old-fashioned charm of a man wooing the love of his life day after day
  • 2: Blueprint to the Heart – A low-budget Canadian TV rom-com about two people who have a hate-to-love kind of romance
  • 3: For Love or Money – I watched this one sort of recently when I saw it on a Netflix tile; it has Gabrielle Anwar & Michael J. Fox in an adorable scenario
  • 4: Keeping the Faith – Adding this one because it doesn’t seem to get much mention anywhere, but it’s actually decent
  • 5: Love Potion No. 9 – Saw this one on Hulu recently and while it’s not Sandra Bullock’s best, it is kinda cute
  • 6: Maid in Manhattan – I think I only watched this one once so I cannot remember where it’s rank in my rom-com list, but it’s sweet nonetheless
  • 7: Runaway Bride – Features Julia Roberts in a re-part with Richard Genre!
  • 8: She’s all That – Feel like I enjoy this one more than titles like 10 Things I Hate About You
  • 9: Valentine’s Day – This one has a lot of heartwarming and sweet moments, and with its theme, I sort of had to include it here
  • 10: When We First Met – A Netflix original with a kind of Groundhog Day vibe

Now it’s your turn! Tell me, have you seen any of these? Do you like any of these? Or would you have a completely different list of favorites? Which did I overlook (and I know I did)? Comment all of your thoughts – agree or disagree – down below. I’d love to chat with you.


15+ FAVORITE “STAY IN” ROMANTIC COMEDY MOVIES TO WATCH! Sharing a list of 15+ favorite romantic comedy movies! What are yours? Text © Rissi JC

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  1. Great list, Austenland is such a feel-good film! I need to watch Keeping the Faith again – we watched it for an R.E lesson in school once. Everyone was shipping her with the priest – I think the teacher thought we’d all missed the point.

    1. “Austenland” is SUCH fun. Love it. To be honest, I don’t remember much about “Keeping the Faith,” but do think it’s one I never seen talked of! Makes me want to watch it again. :)

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