Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more backend work on the website. It’s tedious, thankless annoying kind of work that entails margin corrections of old publications (because the Blogger- WordPress transfer doesn’t play nice) and adding in SEO. One of the discoveries I’m making during this work is that, on occasion, I would write about fashion, a word I use in the loosest sense. I like fashion, a lot, but by no means am I “in the know” of what’s cool. Still, this inspired me to take a look at some of the spring 2021 fashion trends.

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Because I don’t keep totally up to date on all of the trends, I know I wear some things that are “out,” but I’m okay with this. (98% of the time I’m writing in jean shorts and an old tee complete with a messy bun.) I’m going to wear what I feel like works for me, and I’m also going to wear what I feel like I look better in. So, before we start, we’ll do a bit of cursory research, and find out what is currently considered “cool” in the new fashion landscape. Let’s take a look.


1: Cardigans

Once upon a time, when I was a teenager, I didn’t like cardigans. But as I’ve gotten old(er), I find I do like them, of a specific variety. This one from Target is darn cute and I think would dress up your favorite pair of jeans. The oversize “button-down” was also mentioned in a couple round-ups.

2: Colors

According to Pantone, the color for spring (and one of their colors of the year) is Illuminating. It’s a cheerful yellow shade, and while I’m not the biggest fan of yellow (to wear), I cannot deny that it is cheerful, and it makes you smile. Their second color of the year is Ultimate Gray which coupled with yellow, they say is “A marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.” I don’t agree with this, but hey, I’m no color expert.

Who What Wear also says Raspberry Sorbet, Amethyst Orchid and Green Ash are additional trendy options. Green Ash is a really pretty mint green that they say “This light green cooling breath of fresh air balances the warmer tones of the palette,” while the other two look about as they sound. I’ve also read that “bubble gum pink” is the “it” color of this year. It sounds pretty, but I think I’d rather go with pretty greens (which I read is a happening colors) over pink shades.

3: Denim

Denim seems to be going through a major overhaul in terms of the fits and styles (it’s not all about the “mom jean” or the more relaxed fits). I’m not going to give up what I love, but I may also try and find an “in” style to try as well. What are some of your favorite denim stores? spring 2021 fashion trends

4: Layering Jewelry

Friday Favorites Edition One: This is Some of my Random Favorites. Sharing some of my favorites like jewelry and skin care! Text © Rissi JC

Makes me so happy to see that that layering necklaces still look to be something people are wearing. I love the look, honestly, and think the more delicate, the prettier. I really like this simple set 14k gold plated set from Amazon and actually wear it on the daily. It’s not the high quality gold of expensive pieces, but it’s held up well – way better than a paperclip chain I bought from Target.

5: Ombre Nails

Zero clue if this is technically a thing or not, but I’m seeing so many do their nails in a kind of ombre set of colors. In this case, it’s a different color for each nail. I did a pretty kind of purple/pink set for Valentine’s Day, and am planning to do a spring set with a yellow, mint green, baby blue and the like. But I also saw someone yesterday with more of a nude set (plum, nudes, lighter pink). It’s a fun way to change up or dress up your nails.

6: Oversized Blazers

I’ve seen this look around Instagram but didn’t know if it was a “thing” or not. Still, I was influenced enough to buy this pretty, almost linen-like (it’s made from cotton) blazer from Target. It does run oversize, so I’m easily able to wear an XS. I feel like this one also has more of a feminine look (because the fabric tends to “look” like a lighter weight), which is something I look for when shopping for this type of piece.

I’m also a big fan of a jean jacket (jean, white, black) and they seem to still be acceptable.

7: Puffed Sleeves

This always makes me think of Anne of Green Gables, but I think it’s kind of pretty. It can elevate the simplest shirt (like this ruched tee from Target or this simple tee that gets an upgrade by the detailing on the sleeve) or be part of the pretty blouse you love.


1: [Show] More Leg

I saw one editorial promote shorter skirts and to “show leg.” That’s not my jam, so certainly, no matter how pretty the pattern, this isn’t my cup of tea.

2: Paperbag and Statement Pants

Sometimes I see the “paperbag” pants and thing they look darling, and other times I wonder WHY? I think on the right body type they work, but I don’t think mine would be one of them. That said, I am also not loving the trend of seeing “statement” pants (although these are kind of cute?). I have tried to like it. But I just can’t. Guess I’m just a basic jeans girl.

3: Second Skin Shirts

This just isn’t a “look” I like. Pretty sure it’s that they’re so “form-fitting,” which I don’t think would be a flattering look on me.


1: Tie-Dye

This surprises me because I feel like tie-dye is still EVERYWHERE after last year’s influx of it. Whether it’s in or out, I haven’t a clue, but I didn’t buy hardly any. That said, the oversized sweatshirt I do own isn’t going anywhere anytime soon because cozy!

2: Skinny Jeans

Everyone is saying skinny jeans are no longer cool. I’m totally going to skill be wearing them because I think, overall, there the best cut and fit for my body type. Will I try some of the straight, “relaxed” fit styles? Sure, but as I have several skinny pairs, I don’t see myself abandoning my jean collection just because something is no longer cool.

No matter the “in” trends or what’s not trending, hopefully we all wear the things that we like best, and what makes us look our best. That’s how I’ve always tried to look at fashion. Through the years, I don’t always wear the most current trends, and sometimes I wear something that isn’t “cool” for a while after its deemed so.

The comments are yours; do you like fashion? What are some of your favorite things to dress up or down? Or what spring 2021 fashion trends are you loving? Comment all of your thoughts below.


A FEW OF MY FAVORITE INSPIRED SPRING FASHION TRENDS. Talking spring 2021 fashion trends (just because!); what are your favorites? Text © Rissi JC
A FEW OF MY FAVORITE INSPIRED SPRING FASHION TRENDS. Talking spring 2021 fashion trends (just because!); what are your favorites? #Fashion #FashionFinds #Jewelry #SpringTrends #Colors Click To Tweet

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