Another of the UPtv ‘Love Sundays’ US debuts, this Canadian romance is just as sweet as the rest. Perhaps more so! love is a piece of cake

Love is a Piece of Cake (2020) UPtv Film Review

Hard working doesn’t begin to describe Jessie Dale (Lindsey Gort). A small bakery business owner, she’s all set to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the place her grandmother started. With trepidation, and at the advice of her new marketing manager, she’s making small plans to expand by offering wedding cakes. Her first big client happens to arrive in Suzanne Cooper (Julia Benson), a talented fashion designer who envisions a perfect wedding.

Along with Suzanne, Jessie meets Aidan (Greyson Holt), Suzanne’s brother. He also happens to be a single dad to young Riley (an adorable Mila Jones) and though she tries to keep things professional, she cannot help by feel a pull towards him. Despite her rules, Jessie soon has greater challenges to deal with which complicates her friendship with Aidan, and possibly her business.

‘LOVE IS A PIECE OF CAKE’: A FUN SINGLE DAD ROM COM. An UPtv U.S. premiere with Greyson Holt. #RomCom #RomanceMovies #CleanRomance Click To Tweet
‘LOVE IS A PIECE OF CAKE’: A FUN SINGLE DAD ROM COM. Reviewing the 2019 film from Reel One, and debuting on UPtv. Text © Rissi JC

If there’s one thing I know about this title, it’s that watching it makes me jealous! Jessie has the ability to make a delicious cake that turns out; no matter my best intention attempts, I cannot seem to accomplish this goal. But I suppose, the best strategy is to keep trying, right? In spite of this, I do have to admit, Love is a Piece of Cake (corny title and all) is pretty cute.

There’s sweet moments between our leading couple and though we assume the time frame isn’t that long, this does the audience the courtesy of not putting a timeline on the characters. It’s these things that help to make everything seem more genuine and allows us to believe in the romance. Greyson Holt has appeared in many of these, and like anything else, he’s good. I don’t think I’ve seen Lindsey in anything before this, but I did like her. The minor complaint I do have is no one ever seems dressed appropriately for a long day of baking.

Despite this, the film is, well, another nice thing to sit back and enjoy. It ends in a different way than I assumed and I appreciate that too. There’s still the fairy tale, but more of a realistic approach (to let go of something you can no longer have), and teaches us that sometimes we have to carve out new dreams. Hard as it may sometimes be, it’s a good message and the side of yummy confectionary that it’s served with makes it all the sweeter.


‘LOVE IS A PIECE OF CAKE’: A FUN SINGLE DAD ROM COM. Reviewing the 2019 film from Reel One, and debuting on UPtv. Text © Rissi JC

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Content: Nothing to note save for the thematic elements of the loss of a spouse.

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